• 23 FEB 06

    Why States Believe Foolish Ideas

    Why searching out some information for my thesis I happened to come across an interesting paper titled: “Why States Believe Foolish Ideas: Non-Self-Evaluation By States And Societies” by Stephen Van Evera, January 10, 2002 For the topic of this list, those readers interested in why the Myth of ICNIRP and why Repacholian pseudo-science continues to

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    • 20 NOV 05

    The cell phone industry is getting desperate

    Though you will not hear about it on TV or the newspapers, ‘Direct Action’ is a tactic increasingly now being used against the Telcos in many nations by communities fed up with being treated with a level of corporate arrogance at total odds with fundamental principles of democracy. Note what Repacholi says below about public

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    • 05 OCT 05

    Analysis of Repacholi testimony

    From Mast Sanity/Iris Atzmon about the article “Testimony of Michael Repacholi” listed on Omega News: http://omega.twoday.net/stories/1031477/ Testimony of Michael Repacholi Would you kindly notify your email list of the following; An analysis of testimony given in 1989 by the WHO boss of electromagnetic fields, Michael Repacholi, can be found at http://ortho.sh.lsuhsc.edu/Faculty/Marino/Comments/RepacholiTestimony.html Thanks Andy Andrew A.

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    • 02 OCT 05

    Microwave News update on WHO industry links

    From Louis Slesin: Dear Colleagues: We have received more documents that spell out the cozy relationship between the WHO and the electric utility industry. Check out the most recent posting on the Microwave News Web site. Go to: http://www.microwavenews.com/fromthefield.html#partners Best, Louis Slesin Louis Slesin, PhD Editor, Microwave News A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation Phone: +1

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    • 24 SEP 05

    Cellphone hack appointed to WHO Board

    From Sianette Kwee: Friends, A new member/director on the WHO board has been appointed . He is the director from the Danish Health Council J.Kr. Goetrik and one of the strongest supporters from the mobilphoneindustry. In spite of all scientific evidence he went on claiming that there is no evidence that mobilphones and especially mobilphone

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    • 18 SEP 05

    Is the tide slowly turning against ICNIRP’s “end of history” ideology?

    Francis Fukuyama (1992) termed the phrase “The end of history” for his theory that modern liberal democracy has been so successful as a system of government, conquering rival ideologies such as hereditary monarchy, fascism and communism, that it was the “end point of mankind´s ideological evolution”. Fukuyama called it the “final form of human government”,

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    • 09 AUG 05

    Reasons to petition to remove Mike Repacholi

    “Initiative Omega” has started a petition calling for Dr Jong Wook Lee, Director-General World Health Organization (WHO) to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi as General Coordinator for the WHO’s “International Electromagnetic Fields Programme”. The chances of that happening are about as remote as the US pulling out of Iraq as long as there’s a barrel of

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    • 04 AUG 05

    Microwave News on Repacholi’s precautionary policy

    For the first time I must strongly disagree with Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News, when he suggests sending Mike Repacholi back to Australia. Hey – I live there! May I suggest an alternative destination. In the centre of Fallugia, dressed in a US General’s uniform. Knowing Mike however, he would probably talk his way

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    • 03 AUG 05

    On the infallibility of ICNIRP

    While the ICNIRP Guidelines are being promoted internationally as the final word in expert EMF standard setting, – as an “unprobabilistic body of sure and certain knowledge” that is beyond question, doubts continue to be expressed about the validity of these guidelines, such as by the Canadian Sierra Club (previous message). In response to the

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