• 24 SEP 05
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    Cellphone hack appointed to WHO Board

    From Sianette Kwee:


    A new member/director on the WHO board has been appointed . He is the director from the Danish Health Council J.Kr. Goetrik and one of the strongest supporters from the mobilphoneindustry. In spite of all
    scientific evidence he went on claiming that there is no evidence that
    mobilphones and especially mobilphone masts are dangerous for human
    health. Only after strong political pressure from the public opinion and
    his employer the minister of health, he had to admit that maybe children should resctrict their use of mobilphones, though there was still no proof that it was dangerous for children. Each time I told the truth about health effects of mobilphones to the press, TV or in public, the day after my employers: the dean of the medical faculty and the rector from the university received a letter from him, in which he demanded that I should deny what I said to the press and that they should stop me from talking to the public. He was also the former director for the Danish Cancer association and so Christoffer Johansens chief and continueing protector. So his appointment will definitely strengthen the mobilephoneindustry’s viewpoints in WHO.

    Sianette Kwee

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