• 28 OCT 16

    Wireless pollution ‘out of control’ as corporate race for 5G gears up

    From Joel Moskowwitz


    Wireless pollution ‘out of control’ as corporate race for 5G gears up

    Lynne Wycherley

    27th October 2016


    With the UK’s Digital Economy Bill set to be finalised today, new 5G microwave spectra are about to be released across the planet without adequate safety testing, writes Lynne Wycherley. Global neglect of the Precautionary Principle is opening the way to corporate profit but placing humans and ecosystems at risk, and delaying a paradigm shift towards safer connectivity.

    In Drowning in a Sea of Microwaves, the late geneticist Dr Mae-Wan Ho – a visionary voice who opposed GMOs – identified pollution from wireless technologies as a pressing issue of our times….SNIP

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    • 17 MAY 16

    Will Massey University’s research on the potential health impacts of 5G devices be limited to thermal effects only?

    Note: It appears that the below research effort may be limited to investigating thermal effects only and not other effects below the existing RF thermal limits (ICNIRP, etc). It is concerning that lead investigator, Dr Hasan from the School of Engineering and Advanced Technology at Massey mentions that 5G technology may bring us dangerously close to exceeding the pre-defined (thermal effects only)limits and so the study findings will be compared against the existing thresholds that have been set aside by a number of regulatory bodies. In other words, if their measurements of these devices conform to ICNIRP thermal limits all is well.

    If this be the case this whole blinkered research effort will fail to give any answers to the question of possible biological hazards of 5G technology other than an assurance that at lease the devices will not cook you……

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    • 04 FEB 15

    Just how powerful are 4G towers?

    From Echonetdaily, The North Coast’s Independent News (Queensland,Australia):

    Mullumbimby 4G Telstra tower disrupts TV, EFTPOS

    If Mullumbimby residents and businesses are having TV reception issues and EFTPOS drop outs, the recent upgraded Telstra tower in the town’s CBD appears to be the culprit. Court House manager Laurie Driscoll told The Echo the 4G Telstra tower across the road on Dalley Street has caused havoc with the TV signal and EFTPOS. ‘A lot of people in the vicinity may have the same problem,’ he said. ‘Thankfully Telstra have accepted liability, and agreed to reimburse us for the cost of having to buy and install a $400 filter to reduce the 4G interference on our TVs.’

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    • 15 JUL 14

    5G home invasion….

    Further to the last message I was sent the following from Voyage Smart Energy, a company that describes itself as “a dedicated solutions Provider specialising in the Energy Sector covering oil & gas (offshore & onshore), power generation, smart energy, renewables, energy commodities and mining & minerals”.

    This is what it states in part on their website:

    Further our expertise is in smart grid (AMI – utility) and industrial power generation, oil and gas refineries and pipeline, and next generation 5G R&E networks combining smart grid and smart meter, broadband and mobile networks, smartphones, and M2M wireless remote monitoring.


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    • 15 JUL 14

    A 5G base station on every house and lamp pole…..

    On ABC’s ‘The Business’ last night, Malcolm Turnbull talked about the need for rolling out 5G in Australia and that this would require many more mobile base stations – smaller ones, but many of them. He raised the possibility to one day have a base station on every house and every lamp post!

    I wonder, in such a brave new interconnected world would homeowners be given the option to refuse a base station on their home? Not so if we look at the smart meter rollout in Victoria as one example. I suspect that smart meters will be able be upgraded to also work as a 5G base station.

    See it for yourselves:



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    • 13 MAR 12

    Homeless people turned into WiFi hotspots!!

    Congratulations to marketing company BBH in New York for coming up with a truly innovative way to help solve the problem of what to do with homeless people. Simple-just zap em with microwaves! This creative idea is even better than the truly ingenious proposal to heat homes with microwaves _ see: https://www.emfacts.com/2009/03/1040-the-brave-new-world-of-microwave-home-heating/. Don Sent in

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    • 15 FEB 11

    1355: Will Australia go optic fibre or 4G wireless?

    There is currently a national roll out of an optic fibre based National Broadband Network throughout Australia that is being promoted by the Labour Federal government. Predictably the Liberal Opposition wants a cheaper option – wireless. Here is the latest on this controversy from The Australian. It is interesting to note that while Telstra prepares

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    • 29 JAN 11

    1341: Will new wireless technologies be safe to use?

    The following is an article submitted to EMFacts by Georgiy Ostroumov PhD: Will new wireless technologies be safe to use? Georgiy Ostroumov PhD Common sense says that different scenarios can be implemented. But I would like to draw your attention to phrase ”It is however unlikely, due to general rules governing the design of radio

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    • 24 SEP 10

    1296: Tragedy of the Commons Revisited: The New Wireless Commons

    From Cindy Sage: Accepted for Publication Rev Environ Health 2011;26(1):00–00 © 2010 by Walter de Gruyter • Berlin • New York. DOI 10.1515/HMBCI.2010.000 Tragedy of the Commons Revisited: The New Wireless Commons Cindy Sage, MA Sage Associates, Santa Barbara, CA, USA Keywords: Commons, overuse of environmental capacity, wireless, technology, public health, finite resources The October-December

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    • 28 JAN 10

    #1205: GQ Magazine: Warning: Your Cell Phone May Be Hazardous to Your Health

    Message #1203 mentioned the investigative cell phone article by Christopher Ketcham in GQ Mazazine and this message follows it up further. Even though the article is primarily aimed at the American audience the problem is universal: the involvement of political and corporate entities in suppressing and controlling science to protect their interests to the detriment

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