• 30 NOV 05

    Recording of Olle Johansson interview

    Notice from Robert Reidlinger: Following on from last Sunday’s weblog #330 message about an interview with Olle Johansson and Doug Loranger in Canada, a recording of that interview is now on-line for one week. http://www.kpfa.org/archives/index.php?arch=11398 Your Own Health and Fitness Tuesday, November 29th Researcher Olle Johansson, MD, associate professor in the Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska

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    • 28 NOV 05

    Over 40 Netherlands councils delaying tower permits

    From Frans van Velden: In Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, county officials have prevented provider KPN to install UMTS (3G) antennas in a new mast. The inhabitants of Haaksbergen are strongly against UMTS. The municipality of Haaksbergen right now does not give permits anymore. The KPN mast was placed 4,5 metres away from the site according to

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    • 08 NOV 05

    Spin doctoring 3G in Denmark

    From Sianette Kwee: Friends, Press release from Aarhus University: “A few years ago a study from the Netherlands showed that 3G mobiltelephone radiation gave serious symptoms and health complaints in a group of testpersons. This upset a great deal of the Danish population and a strong resistance against 3G-rollout in Denmark. The results from our

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    • 31 OCT 05

    Swedish report of criminal activity for 3G

    Following is an interesting Swedish way of protest against 3G. Report the government for criminal activity! Some important points are made by Donald Forsberg below. Don From Agnes Ingvarsdottir: To the policeauthority in Stockholm County Report of criminal activity I hereby report the Swedish government for criminal activity and request that the police and prosecutors

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    • 30 OCT 05

    3G emissions declared a dangerous activity

    From Agnes Ingvarsdottir Swedish Environmental High Court Judgment: Mobile masts and aerials for 3G constitute an environment dangerous activity Through the Environmental Court of Appeal (2005-10-12 case no: M 7485-04) it has now been determined that mobile masts and aerials for 3G constitute an environmentally dangerous activity according to the Environment chapter. Such activity will

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