• 09 MAY 21
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    Non-thermal “heresy” that might be the reason why we see non-thermal effects

    From Dariusz Leszczynski's blog:

    Non-thermal “heresy” that might be the reason why we see non-thermal effects

    Biological and health effects of cell phone radiation are being denied by ICNIRP and by IEEE/ICES and number of governmental agencies.

    The problem is that if it happens that cell phone radiation causes biological and health effects then the “Big Telecom” industry is in “Big Trouble”. This might be the reason why ICNIRP and IEEE/ICES perpetuate the dogma of cell phone radiation as able to induce only thermal effects. The large body of peer-reviewed published science, showing that non-thermal effects exist, is simply trashed by ICNIRP and IEEE/ICES because according to their dogma, these effects don’t exist and scientific evidence of them is just bunch of experimental artifacts caused by thermal exposures, mistaken for non-thermal exposures by naïve scientists.

    Another dogma disseminated by ICNIRP and IEEE/ICES is that the energy of the cell phone radiation is insufficient to break chemical bonds. This claim shows absolute incompetence of both “expert” groups. There is much more to biochemistry of cells than only breaking of chemical bonds. Any cell biologist knows that!

    Last night I got message from Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News and the never-ending source of detailed information on the history of EMF science.

    Louis pointed out that the recent article in Scientific Reports, published as part of Nature group, suggests that RF-EMF might alter conformation of proteins and affect their enzymatic activity….SNIP

    Read the full article here


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