• 10 NOV 09

    #1151: The Porto Alegre Resolution

    From Eileen O’Connor, Radiation Research Trust: The Porto Alegre Resolution http://www.icems.eu/docs/resolutions/Porto_Alegre_Resolution.pdf We, the undersigned scientists, were honored to participate in a workshop organized by the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul and the Public Ministry of Rio Grande do Sul and sponsored by the Brazilian Health Ministry, the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety, the

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    • 20 JUL 08

    #910: Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines

    From Katharina Gustavs: Dear all, The latest revision of the Building Biology Evaluation Guidelines, including exposure guidelines for electromagnetic fields, is available in English now: The english translation of the SBM-2008 is available online at: http://www.baubiologie.de/downloads/english/richtwerte_2008_englisch.pdf http://www.baubiologie.de/downloads/english/standard_2008_englisch.pdf About the origin of this precautionary standard: http://www.baubiologie.de/downloads/english/standard_questions_%202008.pdf Most of the recommendations are similar to the ones from

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    • 06 JUN 08

    #898: ICEMS releases Venice Resolution on EMF Safety

    From Libby Kelly, ICEMS: Initiated by the International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety, following the 6th ICEMS Workshop, December 17, 2007. www.icems.eu As stated in the Benevento Resolution of September 2006[1], we remain concerned about the effects of human exposure to electromagnetic fields on health. At the 6th ICEMS Workshop, entitled, “Foundations of bioelectromagnetics: towards a

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    • 04 JAN 08

    #834: Report on EMF research activity in Russia 2006-2007

    From Lucinda Grant: Please see attached Russian EMR Report posted to the WHO site under the Russian Federation. I believe the Russians know the most about the EMR health issue, at least they did in the last generation. I would like to see doctors and scientists worldwide get connected with doctors and scientists in Russia/former

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    • 19 SEP 06

    #551: Benevento Resolution on Electromagnetic Safety

    The weblog version of this message is at: #551: Benevento Resolution on Electromagnetic Safety From Libby Kelly, ICEMS: Dear Colleagues We are glad to announce the opening of a new website for the International Commission on Electromagnetic Safety. www.icems.eu is now available online. This site was created to hold the proceedings of the Benevento Workshop

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    • 23 FEB 06

    Why States Believe Foolish Ideas

    Why searching out some information for my thesis I happened to come across an interesting paper titled: “Why States Believe Foolish Ideas: Non-Self-Evaluation By States And Societies” by Stephen Van Evera, January 10, 2002 For the topic of this list, those readers interested in why the Myth of ICNIRP and why Repacholian pseudo-science continues to

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    • 23 AUG 05

    Rationale for China EMF Exposure Standards

    Note: I have created a new category for this list titled “Alternatives to ICNIRP Hegemony”. The following is the first listing in this category. Don Discussion on Rationale for China EMF Exposure Standards. Huai Chiang, Zhengping Xu. Bioelectromagnetics Lab, Zhejiang University School of Medicine Hangzhou 310031, China Paper presented at the Third International EMF Seminar,

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