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    Yuri Grigoriev, Russian Biophysicist And Non-Thermalist, Dies at 95 (Microwave News)

    Published in Microwave News, May 9, 2021


    Yuri Grigoriev, a Russian biophysicist and a singular figure in the world of electromagnetic health and safety over the last 50 years, died in Moscow on April 6 at the age of 95.

    “We have lost a ‘scientific grandfather’,” Oleg Grigoriev told Microwave News. “Yuri supported scientists and pushed them to do research. He was greatly respected by all his colleagues, myself included.” Yuri was one of Oleg’s mentors –they are not related– encouraging him to finish his doctoral dissertation. Oleg later served as the director of the Center for Electromagnetic Safety in Moscow for 20 years, until 2015.


    In contrast to many of his counterparts in the West, Yuri Grigoriev promoted the idea that microwave biology is more complex than simple tissue heating. His views were based, in part, on his own research showing the importance of modulation characteristics.

    He is also known for his steadfast support for the Soviet and later Russian health standards, which are designed to protect against long-term effects and are much stricter than those adopted in most other countries. ANSI, ICNIRP and the IEEE have never acknowledged the existence of chronic effects, setting their exposure limits at levels that are up to a thousand times higher.

    The contrasting view of what the standards should be has been a source of East-West tension since the Cold War began. It continues today.

    “Professor Grigoriev was one of the first scientists to draw conclusions on the role of modulation in RF biological effects and on the increased sensitivity of children to RF,” said Igor Belyaev, the head of the Department of Radiobiology at the Biomedical Research Center of the Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava.


    Grigoriev is gone, but he is having one final act.

    During his last years, Grigoriev became more and more of an activist, calling for the application of the precautionary principle, especially when children could be exposed to electromagnetic radiation. “Man has conquered the Black Plague,” he would say, “but he has created new problems –EMF pollution.” He called the proliferation of RF sources “out of control.”

    Before he died, Grigoriev finished a book detailing the challenges posed by the introduction of 5G networks, written with coauthor A.S. Samoylov, a specialist in sports medicine.

    Leonid Ilyin, the former director of the Institute of Biophysics in Moscow, set out their concerns in a preface to the book: “The entire world’s population will be trapped for life in the electromagnetic grid of millimeter waves and no one will be able to avoid their impact.” …SNIP

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