• 23 FEB 24

    Beware the WHO’s expert panel on gender dysphoria

    On December 18, 2023 The World Health Organisation (WHO) announced the establishment of a panel tasked with developing national guidelines for countries on how to best treat transgender and gender diverse people (gender dysphoria). Referred to as providing “gender-inclusive care”, the panel’s emphasis is on promoting the access to hormone replacement therapy, such as puberty blockers and gender reassignment surgery. Researching possible external environmental factors which may be having an influence on the incidence of gender dysphoria, appears to be outside the panel’s area of responsibility and at this time does not appear to be an area of scientific inquiry with the WHO….Despite the WHO’s expert panel’s apparent avoidance of perhaps an inconvenient area of inquiry, evidence clearly indicates that endocrine disruptive chemicals (EDCs) exposure in-utero and in young children are a significant risk to health, leading to a range of adverse biological effects, including gender identity. This represents a significant health risk for exposed populations, which one could argue is the majority of the world’s population…..For women planning on having children in the future and families with young children, being aware of, and avoiding unnessary exposures to plastic items containing EDCs, needs wider discussion and awareness as advocated by the United Nations Global Plastics Treaty. Allowing the Who’s expert panel on gender dysphoria to have some sort of final say essentially lets the plastics industry ‘off the hook’ ( its not us! ) and is the worst of science, if one could even call it that.

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