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    Professor Yuri Grigoriev (RNCNIRP) on Wi-Fi and health

    From Sarah Purdy:

    Professor Yuri Grigoriev on Wi-Fi and health

    19th June 2012. Translation from the video:


    Programme of the Russian Committee on the protection from non-ionising
    radiation with regard to the need to introduce strict regulations on the use
    of Wi-Fi in kindergartens and schools. [ the Russian National Committee on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection – RNCNIRP]

    ‘I have already been informed that pushy parents are already trying to get
    this installed in kindergartens… Everybody sees Moscow… ‘

    Mobile network connections are very popular amongst children of various
    ages. The duration of conversations on mobile phones is higher for children
    compared to the adult population. At the same time electromagnetic fields
    and radio frequencies are irradiating the brain every day.
    Furthermore, children are constantly subjected to electromagnetic radiation
    and radio frequencies from the base stations round the clock.

    The problem of preserving the health of children subject to the developing
    conditions of wireless radio communications is referred to as a priority by
    the World Health Organisation.

    Next paragraph.

    Electromagnetic radiation from Wi-Fi presents an additional burden to a
    child whose body is in a state of development and whose mental activities
    are in the formative stage. During this period children are most
    susceptible to negative environmental factors.

    WHO, Publication 3, April 2004


    Furthermore it is necessary to highlight that the current regulations were
    developed without taking into consideration this additional influence of
    electromagnetic fields. We don”t have these regulations yet.

    Our Committee believes it is necessary to:

    Firstly, draw the attention of the RF Ministry of Health and of all of the
    other organisations responsible for the safety of the population, including
    children, to the regulations regarding the use of Wi-Fi in kindergartens and
    schools, and to increase the sanitary and epidemiological control over
    the use of Wi-Fi, and the development of the relevant regulatory framework.

    Secondly, to recommend the use of wired networks and not networks using
    wireless broadband access systems, including Wi-Fi, in schools and
    educational establishments.

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