• 09 AUG 05

    Reasons to petition to remove Mike Repacholi

    “Initiative Omega” has started a petition calling for Dr Jong Wook Lee, Director-General World Health Organization (WHO) to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi as General Coordinator for the WHO’s “International Electromagnetic Fields Programme”. The chances of that happening are about as remote as the US pulling out of Iraq as long as there’s a barrel of

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    • 04 AUG 05

    Microwave News on Repacholi’s precautionary policy

    For the first time I must strongly disagree with Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave News, when he suggests sending Mike Repacholi back to Australia. Hey – I live there! May I suggest an alternative destination. In the centre of Fallugia, dressed in a US General’s uniform. Knowing Mike however, he would probably talk his way

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    • 03 AUG 05

    On the infallibility of ICNIRP

    While the ICNIRP Guidelines are being promoted internationally as the final word in expert EMF standard setting, – as an “unprobabilistic body of sure and certain knowledge” that is beyond question, doubts continue to be expressed about the validity of these guidelines, such as by the Canadian Sierra Club (previous message). In response to the

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