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    Reasons to petition to remove Mike Repacholi

    “Initiative Omega” has started a petition calling for Dr Jong Wook Lee, Director-General World Health Organization (WHO) to remove Dr. Mike Repacholi as General Coordinator for the WHO’s “International Electromagnetic Fields Programme”.

    The chances of that happening are about as remote as the US pulling out of Iraq as long as there’s a barrel of oil to be had. However there is a far more meaningfull reason to add your name to the petition. If the petition gets a sizable number of signatures, it will give a clear international message that Repacholi has lost public trust, as well as any scientific credibility outside of the telcom industry and their brought-and-paid-for expert committees. Something he is unlikely to want to add to his CV.

    The petition is at:


    Following is a relevant message from Louis Slesin, editor of Microwave news:

    Dear Colleagues:

    We have written a lot about the WHO EMF project recently and we were in the process of preparing our next posting on a different topic (check in later this week), when we came across a new paper on the sensitivity of children to EMFs by Leeka Kheifets, Mike Repacholi and other members of the EMF project. It appears in the August issue of Pediatrics. We could not let it pass without comment.

    This paper reveals the WHO project”ôs true commitment health, nor to
    children, nor to precaution, but to industry the project and its meetings.

    In this case, it”ôs the Electric Power Research Institute. In the same way that Repacholi found a way to accept contributions from the wireless industry, it also gets support from the electric utility industry. And Leeka Kheifets and Mike Repacholi deliver.

    The mealymouthed recommendations at the end of the paper are a travesty.

    Read out latest post

    and read the Pediatrics paper (it”ôs free)

    and then decide for yourself whether these people should be running a
    public health program.

    Louis Slesin

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