• 04 MAR 09
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    #1029: MRI and EMF standards: When is enough enough?

    Following on from the last message I have found that even the 3 fold limit increase in the proposed Australian ELF exposure standard is not enough to cover MRI operators and service technicians working with the high power machines. This means that the proposed 15,000mG occupational limit is still not enough. So, the question now is when is enough enough? Why not just change mG to G and make the standard 15,000 Gauss. Will that be enough? Perhaps 150,000 Gauss will do?

    (Don’t mention 4mG and the increased risk of childhood leukaemia. That is an inconvenient truth)

    The MRI operator exposure problem is a classic “Catch 22” situation for ICNIRP, The EU Directive and ARPANSA. How will they manage to change a supposedly health-based standard to conform to technological requirements and still convince the public that it is based on sound science?

    That is what it has always been about.


    Maybe we need to do away with mG or uT levels go for Gauss and Teslas.

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