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    #508: Canadian Cancer Society advises on EMFs

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    #508: Canadian Cancer Society advises on EMFs

    While the various cancer organisations in Australia and elsewhere continue to ignore the EMF cancer connection, the Canadian Cancer Society now gives clear advice on the issue. This is an IMPORTANT breakthrough which will be communicated to the many thousands of cancer self-help groups worldwide. With the information that was presented at the recent BEMS conference at Cancun, Mexico (see: http://www.emfacts.com/weblog/index.php?p=505 ) the old ICNIRP and WHO assurances of safety are looking a bit irrelevant, to say the least. Perhaps Repacholi was very wise to retire at this time.


    From Robert Reidlinger:


    Advice from the Canadian Cancer Society

    Electromagnetic fields

    Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible lines of force that surround any electrical device. Examples of EMF sources include power lines, electrical appliances and cell phones. Based on current research, a cause and effect relationship between electromagnetic fields and cancer has been neither established nor ruled out.

    Precautions that can be taken to limit a person’s exposure to electromagnetic fields include:

    Increase the distance between yourself and the EMF source

    *The strength of a magnetic field does not depend on how large, complex, powerful or noisy the appliance is. (In fact, the magnetic fields near large appliances are often weaker than those near smaller devices.)

    *Stand back from an appliance when it is in use. Magnetic fields from appliances drop off dramatically in strength with increased distance from the source.

    *Sit at arm’s length from a computer terminal.

    Avoid unnecessary proximity to high EMF sources

    *Don’t let children play directly under power lines or on top of power transformers for underground lines.

    *Correct any household wiring problems, or update household wiring in an older home.

    Reduce time spent within the electromagnetic field

    *Turn off the computer monitor and other electrical appliances when not in use.

    For more information

    Health Canada

    National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences

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