• 07 MAR 06

    Science communication in the UK hits a low note

    Science communication in the UK hits a low note Commentary By Don Maisch March 6, 2006 Concerned over how controversial science issues are being communicated to the public in the British media, the Social Issues Research Centre (SIRC) and the Royal Institution of Great Britain , under the Directorship of Baroness Susan Greenfield (who is

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    • 27 FEB 06

    IAFF report on cell towers on fire stations

    Sent by various readers: INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF FIRE FIGHTERS DIVISION OF OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH, SAFETY AND MEDICINE http://www.iaff18.org/index.cfm?fuseaction=news.drilldown&newsid=621 IAFF Seeks Study on Health Hazards of Cell Phone Tower Radiation April 7, 2005 – “There currently is no good scientific study that determines whether or not cell towers on fire stations are hurting our members, so a

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    • 20 DEC 05

    Environmental concerns in Israel

    http://www.israelnationalnews.com/news.php3?id=95010 Annual Report Documents Increased Environmental Concerns 13:52 Dec 18, ’05 / 17 Kislev 5766 (IsraelNN.com) An annual environmental study presented to President Moshe Katsav paints a discouraging picture regarding environmental realities. The report states that a growing number of Israelis no longer trust the integrity of tap water and 72% of the population drinks

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    • 28 NOV 05

    Over 40 Netherlands councils delaying tower permits

    From Frans van Velden: In Haaksbergen, The Netherlands, county officials have prevented provider KPN to install UMTS (3G) antennas in a new mast. The inhabitants of Haaksbergen are strongly against UMTS. The municipality of Haaksbergen right now does not give permits anymore. The KPN mast was placed 4,5 metres away from the site according to

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    • 20 NOV 05

    The People’s Will initiative in Sweden

    From Omega News: People’s Will: Vote against 3G and TETRA in Sweden’s national election 2006 See under: http://www.folketsvilja.se/peoplewill.html According to an inquiry made by the Swedish Emergency Management Agency in 2004 regarding the third generation mobile wireless telephony, 3G (UMTS), a great majority of the Swedish population lack an understanding about it’s technical merits and

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    • 14 NOV 05

    Correction to last message

    Re. last message, ‘Dutch NGOs urge Europe to install cellphone antennas far away from dwellings’ : Note from Frans Frans van Velden: Rectification: the date of this press-article is NOVEMBER 11, 2005 (not October11). Please rectify if you forward or use this article.

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    • 13 NOV 05

    Dutch NGOs urge Europe to install cellphone antennas far away from dwellings

    Press-Release from Frans van Velden Dutch NGOs urge Europe to install cellphone antennas far away from dwellings —————————————————————————– Worries and uncertainties – but what about the sufferers? The Hague, The Netherlands (November 11, 2005) – ‘Give preference to places where people don’t live or work, ensure that citizens have full information of all different sources

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    • 11 NOV 05

    A (Health) Tale of Two Cities

    Sent in Richard Johnson in Canada: A (Health) Tale of Two Cities By Walt McGinnis http://www.emr.bc.ca/Articles/TwoCities.html It is the worst of times for Vancouverites as city council under the advice of their chief medical officer John Blatherwick, has decided in January, 2000 that cellular phone companies would no longer be required to notify the public

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    • 29 OCT 05

    Broadcast radiation health damage links

    From Martin Weatherall: There is quite a lot of information here about the health damage to citizens in Israel from broadcast radiation. Three main links. Martin http://www.iddd.de/umtsno/emfkrebs/israel.htm#us1802

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    • 12 OCT 05

    Telstra forgets about risk warnings in sell-off

    The following letter-to-the-editor was published in late September of this year in the St George-Sutherland Shire Leader, apparently the community newspaper with the bigest coverage in Sydney. It is about the forthcoming government sell of of the remainder of Telstra and Anne makes a very important point. Telstra did not respond to it for obvious

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