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    More on Hutchison 3G dirty dealings

    Since posting the entry titled ‘Dirty dealings by Hutchison ‘ to this list on 14 September I have received the below reply from the family directly affected by the Hutchison 3G mast. I now remember hearing about this case when last in the UK. Imagine a 3G mast set up only 28 meters from the upper story bedrooms of a house, and at the same elevation.

    This is the inevitable consequence when private corporations are given total exemptions from local planning and environmental laws.

    Please see the web site http://mast-victims.org for more.


    Dear Don Maisch.

    I know of you from Mast-sanity in Britain, and I am I am sending you this in the hope that you will put it on your website, as an information resource for people in similar or the same situation in Australia.

    We were living and working happily in our house, when Hutchison 3G UK Ltd. installed a Mobile Telecommunications mast (cell-tower) on the roof of the building next door to our house, and only 28 meters away, at a lower level so that the radiation emission from the mast so that it radiated the whole side of the house.

    We got sick immediately, and as there was nowhere in the house where we could escape the radiation we had to abandon our home in the end and find somewhere else to live.

    But a lot of the effects the radiation had on our health still stay´s with us, and from having been extremely healthy people our health now suffers greatly.

    But we lost the case, because of the stance the British Government who has made the laws totally in favor of the Telecommunications Industry against the citizens, who have lost ALL rights to guard their own homes and health from the Industries Radiation Generators.

    And the Government has sold their citizens most basic human rights for short term cash award.

    And the law courts are totally biased in favor of the industry because of Government policy.

    We have just had the cost demand for legal cost from Huchison 3G UK Ltd. For 400,000.- pound Sterling, which amounts to ca. 25 years full years pay (brutto) for a reasonably well paid British worker.

    So you can see they have set out to kill us dead, once and for all.

    I include a scanning of their cost demand for you to see.

    So, what I am trying to do is, to “collect the world, so that we all work together on this issue” and so all can see the true face of these scrupulous people and their Chinese owner Li Ka-Shing of Hutchison Wampoa in Hong-Kong. (and the other cell phone companies are just the same). And so that all the world can see the methods they use to crush ordinary people who object to being submitted to their radiation cancer rays in their own homes.

    We managed to sell the house 1 year ago, for a small part of what it was worth, but an interesting thing is that the house has stood empty ever since and we have this nasty feeling that the Real owner of our old home now is H3G UK Ltd.

    I really hope you will show us support by publishing this on your website.

    And I hope you will visit our website, because we are not alone in having had to flee our homes because of radiation.

    There are other people in Britain, Germany, Austria, Sweden, The Nederlands and so on who have written their stories on our website.

    Thank you for your time.

    Best regards.

    Agnes Ingvarsdottir.
    Glen lea. Upper Colwall.
    Nr. Malvern WR13 6DH
    Herefordshire. England
    Phone/Fax: +44 1684 540 138
    E-mail: a .ingvarsdottir@btconnect.com
    Web site: http://mast-victims.org
    And: agnes@mast-victims.org

    From The Times, UK

    A COUPLE who spent their life savings on a doomed two-year battle over a telephone mast now face financial ruin after being presented with a claim for £400,000 in legal costs.

    Agnes Ingvarsdottir, 61 and her husband, Erikur Petursson, 63, began proceedings to have Hutchison 3G”s mast removed after the telecommunications company installed it on the roof of a restaurant opposite their home.

    Soon after the mast became operational in August 2003 the couple and their son, Neils Erickson, 42, said that they began to suffer nausea, headaches and other health problems. But their attempt to prove that the mast caused the symptoms was thrown out by the High Court and they were instructed to pay Hutchison 3G”s legal costs.

    The company has now presented the couple”s solicitor with a statement of its costs, which amount to £407,398. The company said that it had offered the family numerous opportunities to settle out of court.

    Mrs Ingvarsdottir said yesterday that her family cannot pay. “We face financial ruin. We have no way of ever getting anywhere near paying this,” she said. “It is just unbelievable. We have no money. Even if the figure they eventually are awarded is less I doubt we could pay. The case was dragged out and it drained us of our savings.”

    The family moved into their three-bedroom, Grade II-listed Georgian house in London Road, Worcester, in 1999, after coming to Britain from Denmark. Their son ran the family business, designing and making air filtering systems, from the property.

    All three of them claim that they began to get ill when the mast became operational. Mrs Ingvarsdottir said: “Our lives just changed, it became very hard. We suffered headaches, nausea and vomiting, tinnitus and cardiovascular disease. I developed a blood clot in my leg, which I believe was caused by the mast.

    “We have always been healthy people but suddenly we got everything going. I got chest infections. My guts were infected and my teeth started to fall out. It was like there was no immunity any more.” She added: “The doctor said there was no guidance on treatment of illness supposedly caused by phone masts. We had to move.”

    They sold their house for £220,000 in August 2005, £50,000 less than it had been valued in 2003. Their new home, in Upper Colwall, Worcestershire, is surrounded by a conservation area.

    Click here to view the source article.

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