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    A meeting with the UK Solicitor General

    Report from Eileen O”™Connor-EM Radiation Research Trust (UK) on her meeting with Mike O”™Brien QC MP Minister – Solicitor General on 1 October 2005.

    I attended a meeting with Mike O”™Brien along with a member of his Warwickshire Constituency. I was invited to represent the Coleshill and Curdworth Community.

    Mike gave up a generous hour of his time to listen to our concerns about mobile phone masts, mobile phones and wireless computer networks in schools. We also talked about planning laws for masts.

    It was clear that I will not be getting a meeting with Tony Blair it seems the key to opening up the door at number 10 is Sir William Stewart. Mike said that Ministers respect and hold Sir William”™s opinion in high regard as a result he felt the Prime Minister would be willing to listen to Sir William if he would like to request a meeting. If Sir William voiced his concerns about the health of the Nation to Tony Blair, Mike believes this would take the campaign to a new level and feels sure Ministers would act on his instructions.

    Mike said key departments within Government responsible for this situation are Yvette Cooper MP, Minister for Housing and Planning and the Minister for Health. He assured us that they are listening and taking our concerns seriously. He said this is an International concern; research is being carried out throughout the world.

    We talked about concerns for his local constituency paying particular attention to one area which seems to have developed a cancer cluster. We spoke about a health survey in a local school within his constituency which indicates many pupils and staff are suffering with radiation sickness, I called for the need for national health surveys in every school throughout the UK. I also pointed out our concern for children”™s health in all schools with the introduction of wireless computer networks which will expose children in every school; I mentioned an article written by Powerwatch called Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) and Microwave Radiation, www.powerwatchorg.uk . I also raised concerns with regards to this week”™s news, reporting a 25% increase in mouth cancers in children; Mike said this is a situation for the Department of Health Minister.

    I spoke about planning procedures and the urgent need to force the operators into the full planning process, Mike recalled a recent success story in a situation with an illegal Vodafone mast in his constituency, Vodafone agreed they did not follow best practice blaming the site providers, however they did hold their hands up to the mistake and removed the mast.

    It”™s a shame this is not the case with many other operators such as 02 and T-Mobile. Mike seemed shocked to hear about the Deaf School in Liverpool which has a 3G phone mast on the pavement out side the school, T-Mobile are refusing to remove the mast despite the health problems being reported with hearing aids; Mike could understand that a mast could cause problems with digital hearing aids. Another problem for the Health Minister.

    I also informed Mike about a loop hole abused by 02 and AAP Consulting they have positioned a mast approx 200 metres from St Nicholas Primary School, Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield. AAP Consulting and 02 are evading the planning process altogether “” taking the phrase “mobile phone mast” very literally. The firm has placed mast equipment on a trailer at Concorde House in Union Drive, Boldmere and is claiming it is sited there under emergency powers “” giving it six months leeway before they need to seek permission. The theory is the company could then earn another six months stay of execution by moving the trailer by as little as a metre. The mast in question already has a long planning history, with applicant AAP Consulting “” based in Concord House who are also site finding agents for other mast companies. They originally applied for permission for a CCTV pole but ran into trouble with Birmingham City Council when they subsequently put mobile mast equipment onto the pole, then threatened to contest the city”™s enforcement action when asked to take the equipment down. It is clear that certain operators will continue to abuse the law until the planning laws are changed. I used this example of bad practice in a recent debate in Westminster. This is a problem for Yvette Cooper, Planning Minister.

    Mike was encouraged to hear the Radiation Research Trust has been invited to enter into an annual “EMF Discussion Group” with the UK Health Protection Agency. This has been supported and encouraged by Sir William Stewart. We are hoping to set a date for this meeting as soon as possible due to the urgent need to address this issue.

    I passed on a message from Dr Rob Pocock Labour Candidate for Sutton Coldfield. Dr Pocock has informed me that he is trying to start a National Labour Party Members Network as there are plenty of Labour members knocking at the door inside the Labour Party.

    I also told Mike about a recent meeting with David Davis Shadow Home Secretary organised by Andrew Mitchell MP. David Davis kindly agreed to meet with Dr Gerd Oberfeld, Salzburg Government Scientific Adviser, Mike Bell Chairman of the Radiation Research Trust and I. David Davis is a qualified scientist, he listened and took our concerns seriously, he kindly agreed to take up the issue concerning childhood exposure to radiation in Westminster. I have recently provided David Davis with information and hope he will champion our cause.

    At the end of the meeting I supplied Mike with reports-:

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom “” Radiation Research Trust www.radiationresearch.org

    International Conference on Cell Tower Siting – Salzburg Proceedings 2000

    China Conference September 05, reported RF “” DNA Breaks http://www.microwavenews.com/fromthefield.html#chinadna

    Cyprus Akrotiri Salt Lake Military Study by Professor Alan Preece, Bristol University

    Alfonso Balmori”™s recent Study on birds (white stork).

    I pointed out the difference between the Cyprus human study and bird study expressing the fact that birds cannot be accused of suffering from anxiety as the conclusion in the Cyprus human study suggests.

    I would like to thank Mike O”™Brien for listening to our concerns and for trying to secure a meeting with Tony Blair, sadly for now the door to Number 10 remains firmly closed, let”™s hope Sir William Stewart can open up negotiations.

    If any member of Tony Blair”™s constituency would like me to attend a meeting with them as a representative for their Mast Action Group please contact me at eileen@smokestack.ltd.uk

    Kind Regards

    Eileen O”™Connor-EM Radiation Research Trust

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