• 09 JUL 05

    Comments from Michael Repacholi to Hans Karow (FYI)

    From Hans Karow: Correspondence from Michael Repacholi to Hans Karow FYI, I suggest your readers first read MicroWaveNews Dr. Louis Slesin’s July 5, 2005 Commentary in http://www.microwavenews.com/fromthefield.html#whoottawa Following is a response from the World Health Organisation’s Dr. Michael Repacholi commenting on Dr. Slesin’s Commentary. Dr. Repacholi is head/coordinator, Radiation & Environmental Health Protection of the

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    • 09 JUL 05

    Now a cellphone for the foetus!

    A research student, Hyoung Won at the Umea Institute of design, University of Umeå, has proven that it is always possible to come up with still more totally useless wireless gadgetry to sell to the natives. Now a cell phone for the unborn child! With concepts like this Hyoung is sure to be offered a

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    • 07 JUL 05

    Disney targets kids for mobile phone service

    Whatever happened to all those expert warnings over children and mobile phone use? Who does the industry and Disney listen too? None other than Motorola and their spin doctors Swicord, Elder and Joyner who all have had a go at twisting science to the tune of their corporate masters. Recommended reading: “A Corporate Risk Assessment

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    • 06 JUL 05

    Power line health concerns in New Zealand widens

    The issue of siting transmission lines and outmoded standards is continuing to widen in New Zealand as the following two articles indicate. I’m expecting a similar response in Australia when the Aust. Radiation Protection & Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) soon issues a draft proposal that maintains the existing paradigm of 1000 mG/5000 mG as per

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    • 05 JUL 05

    NOTICE! Interference with this list

    Over the last week there have been apparent list members un-subscribing from this list. In two cases that I have inquired about, the “un-subscribed” people had received a message that gave the impression that I have removed them from the list, which was not the case. The message I got, in turn, was that they

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    • 01 JUL 05

    Anti-phone mast group fears pupils already sick

    Anti-phone mast group fears pupils already sick (provided by Sylvie) nlnews@archant.co.uk 29 June 2005 MUSWELL Hill Against the Masts campaigners are to carry out a survey of children in the area to see if they are suffering from radiation sickness. Campaign leaders, whose children go to schools and nurseries near the 3G mast in Grand

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    • 25 JUN 05

    News on brain tumors and wireless phones

    Following is an article sent by Marne Glaser from the EMR Network, Chicago, USA on the latest breaking news from the telecom industry newspaper “RCR News” on yet another study from Sweden linking wireless phone radiation to brain tumors. For more information on wireless health research, contact: Marne Glaser EMR Network-Chicago 773 338 0248 Study

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    • 24 JUN 05

    Qld. Planning & Environmental Court sets 4 mG level

    For those groups fighting inappropriate siting of power transmission lines, the following 2002 decision from the Planning & Environmental Court of Queensland (Australia) is a useful document. Citation: Energex Ltd. v Logan City Council & Ors [2002] QPEC 001 Delivered on: 11 January 2002 Exerpt from pages 19-20: ” (g) The existing overhead 11 kV

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    • 21 JUN 05

    (Off Topic) Confessions of an economic hitman

    The Confessions of an economic hitman On Monday, June 20th, Australia’s Radio National program, In the National Interest, aired a Terry Lane interview with John Perkins about his best selling book “The Confessions of an economic hitman”. Although a transcript is not available for that program I found a similar interview transcript from “Democracy Now”

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    • 15 JUN 05

    Holland to set 0.4uT limit for new HVTLs

    NEWS FLASH! While the so-called experts in Israel, New Zealand and Australia mindlessly mouth the ICNIRP mantra that 100 uT (1000mG) is somehow acceptable. The Dutch Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment is leading the way by applying a real precautionary policy by setting a 0.4 uT (4 mG) exposure limit for new

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