• 18 SEP 05
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    “Off topic” category added to this list


    I have created a new category for my blog that has nothing to do with the EMF issue but is very much a political issue of vital importance to Australia for the next federal elections and as such, the new category is meant to be a file for future reference. Listings to this category will NOT be emailed to subscribers but will be available to interested readers on the blog emfacts web site by going to the new category.

    This new category is titled “Fundy Follies: dangers of Christian fundamentalism”.

    How’s that for a change of topic!


    I think most of the readers to this list are well aware of the disastrous influence the American fundamentalist religious right has had on US politics. That ‘movement’ now has its sights on Australia with the same aim to make Australia a “Christian nation” according to their ideology. Just before the last federal election , the “Family First” party was set up with ample funding from undisclosed sources with professional American style PR to launch Australia’s first fundamentalist based religious party. They managed to get only one Senator elected but close connections with the major fundamentalist churches gives the party a huge, and growing, voter base in the future. The next federal election will see a large number of Family First candidates running – hoping to gain balance of power. Funding will most likely come from US sources, such as the New Life Church in Colorado Springs that views funding overseas religious movements as a form of evangelism. In reality however it is an underhanded American religious right attempt to inflict their insanity on Australia.


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