• 09 JUL 05
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    Now a cellphone for the foetus!

    A research student, Hyoung Won at the Umea Institute of design, University of Umeå, has proven that it is always possible to come up with still more totally useless wireless gadgetry to sell to the natives. Now a cell phone for the unborn child! With concepts like this Hyoung is sure to be offered a senior position with Motorola.


    (Sent by the Beaconsfield Action Group)


    Meet EMMA, the cellphone for blogging your pregnancy
    Posted Jun 30, 2005, 2:40 PM ET by Ryan Block

    This might very well be the perfect tool for the peeps over at BloggingBaby: the EMMA pregnancy-phone by Hyoung Won, though a design concept only, would include an ultrasound transducer and foetal data collection methods for automatically updating a pregnancy blog in real time with the latest videos, sounds, and stats. But we”ll stop short here instead of continuing on to discuss how believe it or not, pretty much no one wants to hear the minute-by-minute play by play of your pregnancy. Ok, maybe your pregnant friends do, but that”s it.


    EMMA – A smart phone for a pregnant woman


    Emma is a smart mobile phone for a pregnant woman. The user, the pregnant woman, captures foetus videos, pictures, heartbeat sounds and tangible movements with Emma”s hand-held “Ultrasound transducer”. The user can build a blog website and upload captured multi-media data onto the website with Emma to share her pregnancy and foetus information with other family members and friends.

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