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    Canadian government report acknowledges electrosensitivity

    Message from David Fancy:
    9 July 2005
    Hello Don,

    I’m not sure of this is useful for our readership or not, I will leave that to you discretion. It is a statement included in an Ontario Ministry of Labour Report written by Peter Fuhry, a radiologist with the Ministry’s Occupational Health and Safety operations divison, following a site inspection of a call center at which a worker developed cancer and electro-hypersensitivity. To my knowledge it is one of few admissions by a Canadian Provincial or Federal agency that the non-thermal effects of electromagnetic pollution can have negative health effects. Although written in an apparently cautious tone, the statement has actually led at least two local university-affiliated
    epidemiologists to consider studies of the effects of electromagnetic pollution on biological systems.

    “A number of health effects have been linked to exposure to time varying electric and magnetic fields, and electromagnetic radiation which are generally called ‘Non-thermal effects’. These effects include cancer induction, cancer promotion, ALS, flu like symptoms, etc. Though the large majority of scientific reports do not support these links, a number of scientific studies do make the connection. All recognized bodies promulgating exposure standards and guidelines recognize these studies but have stated that these effects have not been demonstrated with sufficient force to be included in the exposure limits at this time.

    It is recognized by the Ministry that certain workers may be more susceptible to a given workplace condition-exposure and the exposure standards may not be sufficiently protective for those individual workers.”
    Ontario Ministry of Labour, Premises name: Convergys; PP ID: 1050051; Visit
    Date: 1 Nov 2004; case ID 5225083: FV no. 5204006; author Peter Fuhry

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