• 06 SEP 05

    Melbourne EMF conferences in November

    esaa EMF SCIENTIFIC WORKSHOP 2005 The annual esaa EMF Scientific Workshop for 2005 is being held this year as part of the annual Australian Radiation Protection Society (ARPS) Conference which is also being held in Melbourne. The Scientific Workshop will take place on the morning of Wednesday 16 November at Rydges Hotel, Melbourne. The guest

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    • 21 JUL 05

    Symposium on “Coherence and Electromagnetic fields

    From Sianette Kwee: Symposium on “Coherence and Electromagnetic fields in biological systems”, Prague July1-4, 2005 www.ure.cas.cz/events/cefbios2005 Among the most intereresting presentations. I.Y. Belyaev et al: “Adverse effects of microwaves from GSM/UTMS mobile phones depend on carrier frequency and type of signal”. They used blood samples from hypersensitive and normal persons in their study . They

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