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    Symposium on “Coherence and Electromagnetic fields

    From Sianette Kwee:

    Symposium on “Coherence and Electromagnetic fields in biological systems”, Prague July1-4, 2005

    Among the most intereresting presentations. I.Y. Belyaev et al: “Adverse effects of microwaves from GSM/UTMS mobile phones depend on carrier frequency and type of signal”. They used blood samples from hypersensitive and normal persons in their study . They concluded GSM microwaves from UMTS and GSM mobile phones affect DSB-co-localizing 53BPI and gamma-H2AX foci and chromatin conformation in human lymphocytes. These persistent effects suggest severe stress response and /or DNA damage. Dependence of adverse effects of non-thermal MW’s from GSM/UMTS mobile phones on carrier frequnecy and type of signal (modulated signals) should be taken into account in settings of safety standards and in planning of in vivo and epidemiological studies. Identification of those frequency channel/bands for mobile communication, which do not affect human cells, was encouraged.

    As far as I know this is the first in vitro study on UMTS.

    The complete opposite point of view was presented by
    K.R.Foster, A.R. Sheppard, M.L.Swicord:”What mechanism are responsible for biological effects of RF fields?” They reviewed the findings from a large number of investigators in the US under support of MMF (an industry group).

    These results led to the conclusion that biological effects by RF fields are only observed in connection with thermally significant changes.

    Complete program at www.ure.cas.cz/events/cefbios2005
    Sianette Kwee

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