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    Monsanto and SUNYA’s dirty tricks dept. attacks Dr. David Carpenter

    Notice from Joel Moskowitz, School of Public Health, University of California, Berkeley


    David O. Carpenter, M.D., has also been an international expert on EMF health risks for three decades. He has more than 450 peer-review publications and has edited six books. He is an editor-in-chief of the journal, Reviews on Environmental Health.

    Don’s comment: What the following also highlights is the problem that can arise when Universities partner with corporations for funding. Monsanto seems to have a very close relationship ( funding most likely) with the State University of Albany which seems more than willing to follow Monsanto’s lead in attempting to silence ‘inconvenient’ science. Now there should be an investigation into exactly what that relationship is. Additionally, Dr. David Carpenter was interviewed by Susan Arbetter, host of Capital Tonight. The interview aired on her show on all NY Spectrum news new stations.    https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nys/capital-region/politics/2023/02/15/monsanto-petitions-to-look-further-into-dr–david-carpenter-s-research-funding#

     February 13, 2023

    Dr, David Carpenter is a distinguished professor at the State University of Albany and an international expert on health damages caused by PCBs. He has written 450 peer-reviewed scientific papers and edited six books on environmental health issues.

    Dr. Carpenter is under attack by Monsanto (which is now owned by Bayer).  Monsanto manufactured most of the PCBs used in the US until PCBs were banned by the EPA in 1977.

    It is common practice for professors and researchers to serve as expert witnesses when polluters are sued. Dr Carpenter stood up for people damaged by PCBs in 7 lawsuits filed against Monsanto.  This year, Monsanto will be sued by the St. Regis Mohawk Indian Nation because of immense damage caused by PCBs to the Mohawks, who have consumed PCB contaminated fish from the St. Lawrence River.  Levels were so high that Mohawk women were urged not to breastfeed because of the high levels of PCBs in breast milk.

    Last year, attorneys for the polluters filed a Freedom of Information Request to secure David Carpenter’s records about the PCB contamination of the Mohawks. And two additional Freedom of Information requests were filed by Mosanto/Bayer lawyers.  Rather than simply reviewing the requests and sharing what is required by law, the State University of Albany (SUNYA) directed Dr. David Carpenter to stop teaching classes, stop mentoring his students and prohibited him from being on campus.

    David Carpenter has done nothing wrong. He has stood up for people and wildlife damaged by PCBs and now we all have to stand up for Dr. Carpenter.

    Monsanto set a trap and SUNY Albany Stepped Right into the trap.

    Now, Monsanto is claiming that because SUNYA is investigating the work of Dr. Carpenter (prompted by Monsanto information requests) Dr. Carpenter should not serve as an expert witness in the trial defending the Mohawks.

    After eight months of being frozen out of his classroom duties (which is about 90% of his time) SUNYA has made an offer to Dr. Carpenter to allow him back in the classroom but at the same time tying him in knots and interfering with his right to serve as an expert witness.

    Resources: for more information:

    TAKE ACTION:  The top ten things you can do now!

    1. SIGN-ON LETTER:  Sign on to this letter supporting Dr. Carpenter. Use the google link to sign on no later than noon on Monday February 20. Send this letter to others who might want to sign on.  Organizations and individuals are welcomed to sign on. https://forms.gle/Z8bV6JadCb2GdVg56


    2. ATTEND NEWS CONFERENCE: Attend a news conference supporting Dr. Carpenter on Thursday, February 23 at 11am at the Million Dollar Staircase on the third floor of the State Capitol Building in downtown Albany. Enter from Washington Ave. or State Street.  On-street metered parking or park underneath the Empire State Plaza for $10.

    3. MAKE CALLS:  It’s so important that SUNY hear from the public.  If SUNY says that this is a “personnel matter”, tell them it’s more than that. It’s an academic freedom matter and urgent that public institutions not bow from the pressure of Monsanto.

      1.  Dr. John B. King, the new SUNY Chancellor, urging  him to fully reinstate Dr. David Carpenter.  (518) 320-1355 and email him at John.King@suny.edu

      2. Call SUNYA President Dr. Havidan Rodriguez, (518) 956-8010 (it takes many rings so let it keep ringing until you get the answering machine) and email him at Presmail@albany.edu


    4. WRITE LETTERS OF SUPPORT:  Write a letter to the Albany Times Union.  No more than 250 words.  TULetters@timesunion.com


    5. SOCIAL MEDIA:  Tweet Chancellor John B King @johnbking and SUNYA President Havidan Rodríguez @Havidanualbany and tell then that David Carpenter has done nothing wrong, and it is urgent that public institutions like @ualbany must not bow from the pressure of Monsanto

    6. STATE LEGISLATORS:  Call your state Senator and Assemblmembers and urge them to contact Chancellor John B. King

    1. SHARE THIS ACTION ALERT:  Share this action alert with others.

    2. SIGN AND SHARE THE PETITION:  “Stop Monsanto from ruining the reputation and career of Dr. David Carpenter!”

    1. WEBSITE:  Be sure to share and bookmark https://www.supportdavidcarpenter.org/  and check often for updates.

    2. JOIN US.  Let us know if you want to join weekly meetings and join us in organizing this important work:  gee@grassrootsinfo.org


    Joel M. Moskowitz, Ph.D., Director
    Center for Family and Community Health
    School of Public Health
    University of California, Berkeley

    Electromagnetic Radiation Safety

    Website:          https://www.saferemr.com

    Facebook:        https://www.facebook.com/SaferEMR
    Twitter:            @berkeleyprc

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