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    Dutch Avisory Panel Calls for Caution on 5G

    Don”™t Use Millimeter Band Pending More Research

    Published in Microwave News:

    November 11, 2020

    An advisory panel to the Health Council of the Netherlands is recommending a “cautious approach” to 5G radiation exposures.

    The committee is also advising that the 26 GHz frequency band (millimeter waves) not be used “for as long as the potential health risks have not been investigated.”

    The new advisory report, 5G and Health, was originally released in September with an executive summary in English. Now a full 131-page translation is available (it features 807 references). There is also a 33-page overview.

    The nine-member panel, all from Holland, was chaired by Professor Hans Kromhout, an epidemiologist at the University of Utrecht”™s Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences. One of the two scientific secretaries is the Health Council”™s Eric van Rongen, the current vice chair of ICNIRP and its chairman from 2016 until earlier this year.

    While the committee endorses the recently revised ICNIRP guidelines, it notes that, “[I]t cannot be excluded that exposure under the latest ICNIRP standards also has the potential to affect health.”

    Here is the full text of the committee”™s four recommendations to the Dutch Parliament:…SNIP



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