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    Dutch Avisory Panel Calls for Caution on 5G

    Don”t Use Millimeter Band Pending More Research

    Published in Microwave News:

    November 11, 2020

    An advisory panel to the Health Council of the Netherlands is recommending a “cautious approach” to 5G radiation exposures.

    The committee is also advising that the 26 GHz frequency band (millimeter waves) not be used “for as long as the potential health risks have not been investigated.”

    The new advisory report, 5G and Health, was originally released in September with an executive summary in English. Now a full 131-page translation is available (it features 807 references). There is also a 33-page overview.

    The nine-member panel, all from Holland, was chaired by Professor Hans Kromhout, an epidemiologist at the University of Utrecht”s Institute for Risk Assessment Sciences. One of the two scientific secretaries is the Health Council”s Eric van Rongen, the current vice chair of ICNIRP and its chairman from 2016 until earlier this year.

    While the committee endorses the recently revised ICNIRP guidelines, it notes that, “[I]t cannot be excluded that exposure under the latest ICNIRP standards also has the potential to affect health.”

    Here is the full text of the committee”s four recommendations to the Dutch Parliament:…SNIP



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