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    Dariusz Leszczynski on ICNIRP and Croft

    For those interested in the thinking promoted by ICNIRP, DL’s correspondence with ICNIRP chair Rodney Croft is well with a read.


    First, see DL’s previous posting: An open massage to ICNIRP’s Eric van Rongen and Rodney Croft


    Part 4 “” Rodney Croft”™s response to: An Open Message to ICNIRP”™s Eric van Rongen and Rodney Croft

    Today, on November 5, 2020, Rodney Croft, Chairman of ICNIRP, provided response to questions I posed to him and to Eric van Rongen in my Open Message sent out on October 6, 2020.

    As I have agreed with Rodney Croft, I am posting the response as such, without any comments of my own.

    To better understand the context of question #3 and response to it, please, see earlier post entitled post Influential Australia where is presented discussion on IEI-EMF between D. Leszczynski and R. Croft

    My own comments on the manner and the substance of Rodney Croft”™s response, as well as some of the more important/interesting comments from readers of my blog (scientists and activists), will be published soon. Any reader of my blog, wishing to be included in this forthcoming commentary, please, send your comments to me at blogbrhp@gmail.com .

    Read the full post here


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