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    Leszczynski: EHS or not EHS: What about are studies by Belpomme and his team?

    From Dariusz Leszczynski

    Don, would you consider posting on your blog info about my evaluation of Belpomme’s research on EHS?

    In my opinion, EHS sufferers should understand that neither psychological provocation studies nor physiological Belpomme’s team studies provide any reliable data on EHS. Better designed provocation+physiology studies are urgently needed, before full deployment of 5G.

    EHS or not EHS: What about are studies by Belpomme and his team?


    Since some readers are wondering” before writing this blog I contacted French team” no response”

    Deployment of the 5G is unlike earlier generations of wireless technology. The base stations for the 5G will be very densely located, in close proximity to people dwellings and working places. Furthermore, once 5G will employ millimeter-waves there will be a need to deploy mini-base stations inside apartments and places of work because the millimeter-waves do not penetrate walls of buildings.

    The increased density of base stations and the future location of these inside buildings causes anxiety among the electro-hyper-sensitive persons (EHS).

    There are two approaches to study EHS, by either (i) the psychological provocation studies or by (ii) biochemical studies looking for physiological markers for diagnosis of EHS.

    EHS research is dominated by psychology provocation studies and I have elaborated on it earlier.

    Biochemical studies looking for physiological markers of EHS are performed by a single team in France. It appears that EHS sufferers and anti-EMF activists consider these French studies as valid evidence that can be used for the clinical diagnosis of EHS

    French researchers, using biochemical approach, claim finding of several markers of EHS associated with EMF exposures. Unfortunately, French studies have major design problems that invalidate their final conclusions.

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