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    Investigate Europe: Real 5G issues overshadowed by Covid-19 conspiracy theories

    Investigate Europe published a third in their series on 5G


    12 June 2020

    By Ingeborg Eliassen and Paulo Pena


    Unsubstantiated claims that connect the new mobile technology to the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic have led people to destroy 5G masts in several countries. Such actions overshadow concerns about health effects of the technology that are real and legitimate.

    It was Twitter that created an entirely different virus. On January 19, as Covid-19 was spreading in China, a Twitter post speculated that there was a link between the effects of the 5G network and the disease. “Wuhan now has over 5000 #5G base stations and will have 50,000 by 2021 “” is it a 5G disease or effect?”

    Even a precursory investigation would show this to be a big logical leap. Take Portugal, for example, where there is no single 5G antenna in operation. Even the auction that was to grant operators licenses to launch this new technology was postponed in March. Portugal has Covid-19, but will not have 5G anytime soon.

    5G towers set on fire

    The claim that there is a link between 5G and the pandemic, nevertheless went viral in Facebook groups, messages on WhatsApp, and in YouTube videos, in parallel with Coronavirus spreading across the globe.

    The theory is that Covid-19 has either been caused by the frequencies used for the new mobile technology, or that the signals harm people”s immune systems so that they are easy targets for the virus.

    Online fear and anger spilled into the offline world, first in the UK. Since the beginning of the Coronavirus lockdown, there have been around 90 arson and sabotage attacks on mobile masts in the country, according to Sky News. Telecom engineers out working at infrastructure have been assaulted, spat on, and forced to flee angry people. Towers have been vandalized in Ireland, in Cyprus, and in the Netherlands.

    No such evidence

    Two scientists who have spent many years sounding the alarm about potential health risks from exposure to radiofrequent electromagnetic fields, dismiss the notion that there is a scientific basis for a 5G-Coronavirus connection.

    “There is no evidence that there is a relationship between 5G and the spread of Coronavirus. It is inappropriate to raise these rumors,” says Fiorella Belpoggi, Research Director at the Ramazzini Institute in Italy.

    Dariusz Leszczynski, a molecular biologist and editor of of “Frontiers in Radiation and Health” specialty of the Frontiers in Public Health, explains that: “Some activists claim that it is known that RF-EMF exposures, including radiation emitted from 4G and 5G, cause decline in the immune response. That is incorrect. Several studies on RF-EMF exposures and immune response have been published, but there is no proof whatsoever that there is an effect. Claims by activists that the deployment of 5G weakens immunity and helps Covid-19 to spread and infect people is absolutely wrong. There is no such evidence”.

    Blurring important questions

    Dariusz Leszczynski is concerned that undocumented claims that Coronavirus is caused by 5G “” or that there is no virus at all, and that people are simply getting sick from 5G itself “” will silence legitimate questions of health effects from mobile radiation.

    The new questions on 5G add to real scientific disagreement concerning health effects of RF-EMF by former generations of mobile technology. This disagreement is barely acknowledged. The situation has opened up widespread public uncertainty that cannot be mended simply by official assurances that there is nothing to worry about. In our age of social media, vacuums are easily filled with conspiracy theories. They tend to go viral “” as fast as Covid-19.

    About this report

    Unsubstantiated claims that Covid-19 somehow is spread by 5G have gone viral in social media. However, other issues concerning mobile technology and public health have divided the scientific community for years. In 2019, Investigate Europe interviewed a large number of scientists specializing in the effects of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF) in mobile technology. We also interviewed all relevant international bodies. Our aim was to map the scientific disputes in the field. The following, including quotes, is based on reporting that took place in late 2018 and early 2019, unless obvious or otherwise stated.

    While it is easy to dismantle a 5G-Covid-19 connection, it is more difficult to answer another question: Is radiation from 5G technology completely safe?…SNIP

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