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    Dariusz Leszczynski on a 5G moratorium

    From Dariusz Leszczynski

    Esteemed anti 5G colleagues would like to have it both ways, but it is wrong.

    On one hand they claim, correctly, that the 5G was not tested for its health impact on humans. Meaning, there are no studies available to prove it safety. This is correct.

    But then, they claim that 5G is dangerous and proven to damage human health (Pall, Firstenberg, Davis et al.).

    Big question is: how do they know it?

    If, as they correctly claim, research on 5G and health has not been done then there is no evidence to show/prove that 5G is dangerous or that 5G is not dangerous.

    Also, what 5G frequencies they talk when referring to 5G? Those well below 6 GHz, that were used already and are known to possibly/probably affect health, though the proof of health damage is still elusive? Or are they talking about 26 GHz and 28 GHz and other frequencies over the 30 GHz (mmWaves) that were not studied?

    It is CORRECT to call for moratorium on 5G deployment because research on health effect has not been done, and I am calling for 5G deployment moratorium based on the lack of adequate health effects research.

    It is NOT CORRECT to call for moratorium on 5G deployment because health danger has been proven (Pall, Firstenberg, Davis et al.), because it is incorrect claim and I am against such argumentation for the 5G-moratorium.

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