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    The forthcoming ‘Science and Wireless 2019’

    Update: Since sending out this message, several people wrote in thinking I was somehow involved with the Science and Wireless 2019 seminar. DEFINITELY NOT! My views on anything that the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) is involved with are clearly spelled out here: https://www.emfacts.com/download/Chap_16_updated_to_Aug_2018.pdf



    Notice from Dariusz Leszczynski:

    For those interested, and being in Melbourne area on December, 2nd, 2019, this year”s Science and Wireless event will take place at the Swinburne University of Technology. Here is the first announcement from the Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (ACEBR) (red font emphasis added DL):

    Science and Wireless 2019

    Technical Lecture: ICNIRP GUIDELINES

    The Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research welcomes you to this year”s Science and Wireless

    Hear from world experts on the new 5th generation of mobile communication technology (5G), as well as the new ICNIRP guidelines on limiting electromagnetic fields.

    WHEN: Monday 2nd December 2019, 4:00 “” 8:00pm
    WHERE: Lecture Theatre BA201 (ground floor), Business & Arts Building, Swinburne University of Technology, John St, Hawthorn VIC 3122
    RSVP: !!SAVE THE DATE!! Full program will be available soon and registrations will be open soon!

    This year”s event is divided into two parts:

    Part1: From 4 pm a technical lecture will focus on the “New ICNIRP Guidelines for Limiting Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields (100 kHz to 300 GHz)” presented by Rodney Croft (ICNIRP Radiofrequency Guidelines Chair; ACEBR, University of Wollongong), followed by a discussion.

    Part 2: From 6 pm the public forum “Everything You Need to Know About 5G” will cover: What is 5G? / What research has been done on 5G? / Will 5G lead to higher exposures? / Is 5G harmful? / What do we know about mobile phones and cancer? / Can I be allergic or sensitive to mobile phone radiation? / Do national and international safety guidelines cover 5G? / What are the benefits of 5G?

    Note that the technical nature of the presentation in “Part 1″ will make it more suitable for professionals working in the area, but anyone is welcome to attend. The “Part 2″ presentations have been tailored to those who do not have background knowledge in this area. In both cases, there will be plenty of time allocated to answer any questions that you may have.


    Read the full notice here


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