• 22 MAY 19
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    Smart nappies will save you from getting poo on your finger

    While searching through the Internet for absolutely unnecessary and possibly dangerous ‘smart” devices that will be part of the Internet of Things (IoT) I came across this great example. No longer will you have to risk getting nasty baby poo on your fingers when you check to see if your baby has done a dump. Just wait for the message on your smart phone! Note where the bluetooth transmitter is placed. As the old saying goes a picture is worth a thousand words….



    Smart nappies will save you from getting poo on your finger

    Claire Haiek |

    Imagine a world where your baby could let you know when they need their nappy changing. Or even better – where they could change their own nappy. Sadly, we’re not at the second stage yet, but the first one isn’t so far out of reach.

    A ‘smart’ nappy

    Korean startup company, Monit, has unveiled a new smart device, which has the ability to tell you when your baby needs changing. The small, round, bluetooth sensor attaches to the outside of your baby’s nappy and can sense when your baby drops a butt dumpling… or even just a number one! It works by detecting the nappy’s temperature, humidity and gas and sending an alert to the corresponding smart devices. Founder Tony Park says he came up with the idea as he wanted to help with his own children. One of them suffered from atopic dermatitis which meant it was important to ensure her nappy was dry at all times. “I had trouble understanding my babies, because I didn”t know why they were crying, why they were yelling, why they didn”t sleep, so I really wanted to understand their behaviour and their surroundings,” he told TechCrunch. Being instantly aware of when your baby soils their nappy can also help prevent nappy rash and urinary tract infections.

    Image: Monit.

    This gadget could prevent nappy rash. Image: Monit.

    Another bonus feature

    One of the best features for us, is the ability to register up to five devices to receive the nappy change alerts. So you can register someone else’s device and enlist them as the primary nappy-changer, or even take turns! The app can also gather data such as how many wet nappies your baby goes through each day and their changing patterns. The technology isn’t yet available in Australia, however, it should be released in the US in April this year. Its price point is also not yet determined, but in Korea and Japan, the device currently sells for the equivalent of AUD$350. On second thought, maybe we don’t mind risking a poo-filled fingernail every now and then…








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