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    Petition: Stop Mobile Towers Staining our World Heritage Landscapes:

    From Melissa Hallett


    Stop Mobile Towers Staining our World Heritage Landscapes: Wollumbin (Mt Warning), Border Ranges, Nightcap Range, Mullumbimby, Byron Bay & surrounding Hinterlands.


    To all on the EMFacts list:

    I have been working on behalf of our regional community residents regarding our concerns for the saturation of mobile phone towers being proposed within our World Heritage parks and the surrounding landscapes ; of the Northern rivers, NSW.

    Our World heritage region between the majestic Wollumbin (Mt warning) the Border Ranges and across to the Nightcap & McPherson range, spreads also out over the Queensland border into the lamington ranges and way back across to Byron Bay and more.

    “These rainforests hold half of Australia”s plant species” (National Geographic).

    These regions have existing ongoing cultural and ceremonial significant heritage for the Bundjalung Nation.

    Many of these mobile phone towers are being placed in environmentally sensitive areas within the caldera of these magnificent places, imposing on the corridors that connect and enable wildlife that seek out food, breeding migration and pollination between these places which are of complex and ancient biodiversity.

    We want to stop these massive towers going up. They are staining the very integrity of these landscapes.

    We have also gained the support from the ” International Society of Doctors for Environment ” http://www.isde.org/ a professional organisation made up of Professors/Doctors/Scientists and Researchers representing 26 countries.They support this petition for government to take action regarding the ‘exposure’ of EMR on environment and communities based on the “Medical evidence “” and the Precautionary Principle”.

    There is an urgent need for relevant biodiversity studies to be conducted in these world heritage areas before towers blanket these pristine areas with potentially wildlife damaging radio frequency radiation.

    We would greatly appreciate you and your readers consider signing our petition and assist us by circulating this petition to greatly help to get many signatories before lodging it to the federal senate:

    We only have a small window period at this point in time before the next elections, and before the final placements of 11 towers that will be placed ‘within’ one of our World Heritage rainforest parks of Mt Nardi and many other towers proposed that would saturate this environmentally sensitive region,staining the very integrity of these landscapes – We do have options for Fiber optic in this region as all homes and dwellings have existing landlines.

    Please also find here, the government ‘oz towers‘ website that shows you the list of the many towers proposed for our regions & others ,simply type in 2480 postcode for this region or 2482 for the other valley’s that include Byron Bay & Mullumbimby on the other side of Nightcap range etc. It is quite overwhelming.

    Please note many of us are worried regarding the effects that may occur from long term 24 Hr all year round exposure of EMR on the pollinators and wildlife based on the reports from International research. That may in turn also have an effect on the rain forests and
    food production in this environmentally sensitive region.

    There have also been matters of concern raised by the spokesperson from the Bundjalung Nation here,Mickey Ryan, regarding possible breaches taking place under the Aboriginal Heritage and Biodiversity Act ; by these telcos,which is of great concern to all of
    us. Of course we also hope that our concerns for possible health impacts will be proven
    wrong. However until certain reports are completed and then substantiated we simply do not know what long term effects may take place with this type of ‘experimental communications into the future.

    We believe that the legal term of the “medical evidence – and the precautionary principle” should be applied when regarding using this ‘style of experimental communications on the public and environment, by our communication / Health and environment ministers.

    Kind regards,
    Melissa Hallett
    Lillian Rock.2480

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