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    EHT: What You Need To Know About 5G Wireless and “Small” Cells

    From the Environmental Health Trust


    20 Facts About 5G

    Download a PDF of this information on a two page EHT Factsheet on 5G and Health. The factsheet is hyperlinked (blue text) to research and sources. It is a great resource for policymakers.

    Nationwide, communities are being told by wireless companies that it is necessary to build “small cell” wireless facilities in neighborhoods on streetlight and utility poles in order to offer 5G, a new technology that will connect the Internet of Things (IoT). At the local, state, and federal level, new legislation and new zoning aim to streamline the installation of these 5G “small cell” antennas in public rights-of-way.

    1. 5G “small cell antennas are to be placed in neighborhoods everywhere.

    • Street lights
    • Trashcans
    • Utility poles
    • Bus stops
    • Sides of buildings

    2. The radiation from small cells is not small.

    Wireless antennas emit microwaves “” non-ionizing radiofrequency radiation “” and essentially function as cell towers. Each installation can have over a thousand antennas that are transmitting simultaneously. Examples of how small cells are not small include:

    • They increase electromagnetic radiation near homes.
    • They have refrigerator-sized (and larger) equipment cabinets.
    • Property values drop after a cell tower is built near homes.
    • Taller and wider poles are needed for the antennas.
    • Fixtures weigh hundreds of pounds.
    NO. They are not the size of pizza boxes. The cabinets “” called “street furniture” by industry to make it sound warm and cozy- which house the electronics for each antenna can be larger than a refrigerator. Most neighborhood light poles are not strong enough to hold the 5G equipment so they will be replaced by much taller wider poles with antennas and 6 ft buzzing boxes. This is called “hardening” the poles. In Montgomery County as an example, neighborhood, the slim 14 ft light poles will be replaced with hefty 24 ft towers with 300 pound antennas and 6 ft buzzing boxes.

    3. Millions of small cells are to be built in front yards in the name of 5G.

    The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) estimates and is supporting that millions of these wireless transmitters will be built in our rights-of-way, directly in front of our homes…SNIP

    Read the full factsheet here


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