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    Comments on last message: California City blocks 5G deployments

    In the last message I was reporting the article from TechCrunch.com without a commentary from myself. The point was that a local government was opposing the rollout of 5G. The words in that article were not mine, a point missed by one of my subscribers who sent in the following comment.

    In your article, “California city blocks 5G deployments”, you say. “Perhaps most importantly, these small cells emit less radiation, since they are not designed to provide as wide of coverage as traditional cell sites”.

    You have to be kidding! It is planned to install these 5G antennas every 100 to 300 metres on every street and they will not be ordinary antennas, but banks of antennas in phased arrays, which form a beam that functions something like a laser. They will use millimetre waves at extremely high frequencies and it is ultimately planned to connect them to up to one trillion objects. So these beams will be punching through the walls of your home and bouncing off your body as they go back and forth to connect to objects equipped with RFID chips in your home.

    It is also currently planned to put 20,000 5G satellites in space in order to “blanket” (their word) the Earth with 5G. This is putting the whole Earth in an airport body scanner. The different is, if you agree to step into a body scanner, you are there for a few seconds, whereas this is putting the whole Earth into a body scanner. And there will be no escape anywhere on the planet.

    There is enough scientific evidence now for us to know that nothing will survive this, not humans, not animals, not insects, not trees. This radiation will be carried deep into the body through your sweat ducts, which are helical antennas, to cause absolute havoc, including ADHD, autism, blindness, cardiovascular disease, cancer, sterility, brain and DNA damage, diabetes, asthma and electro-hypersensitivity.

    Before you make such sweeping statements as “these small cells emit less radiation”, it might be a good idea to do your homework.


    I do not necessarily agree with the extent of some of the above statements but I do agree that 5G small cell antennas are a huge potential hazard to health and possibly to plant and animal life as well – but at least we won’t have long to find out the extent of that hazard given the industry’s frantic roll-out in the US, Australia and elsewhere. See my previous posting: Hobart’s smart city 5G strategy not so smart

    As for those planned 20,000 5G satellites in low earth orbit, that might turn out to be the height of Telco folly. See the posting: Elon Musk’s 5G from space project: His biggest folly yet?

    As for the increased emission levels from 5G millimeter wave antennas see Ericsson’s presentation: Impact of EMF limits on 5G network roll-out.



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