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    Impact of EMF limits on 5G network roll-out

    From Lennart Hardell’s blog

    ITU Workshop on 5G, EMF & Health Warsaw, December 5 2017

    Christer Törnevik, Senior Expert, EMF and Health Ericsson Research, Stockholm

    This presentation by a representative for Ericsson, Sweden is well worth to consider in detail.

    Especially the pictures at pages 8 and 9 are very illustrative of the distribution of radiofrequency radiation. Note these pictures are protected by Copyright.

    They show boundaries for compliance with radiofrequency EMF limits. That means that the implementation of 5G will be much more difficult in countries with lower guidelines than those provided by ICNIRP.

    The conclusion is that:

    In countries with EMF limits significantly below the international science-based ICNIRP limits the roll-out of 5G networks will be a major problem

    The situation is even worse if the substantially lower guideline on 30-60 µW/m2 in the Bioinitiative Report is applied (www.bioinitiative.org).

    This technology will increase the exposure to radiofrequency radiation in the environment and should be banned until proper evaluation of exposure and consequences for human health and environment is investigated, see www.5gappeal.eu.

    No doubt this presentation by Ericsson show that 5G will increase exposure, proper scientific evaluation has not been done and re-enforces the need for a moratorium as demanded in the 5G Appeal.

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