• 25 APR 18
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    Article from Bob Vaughan, alternativemedicine.org

    Industry Lies

    Wireless industry claims there is no increase in brain tumors so there is no problem with cell phones. But it is a big lie. For example, a very famous politician John McCain just got a brain tumor. You can see a big scar on the left side of his head, just where he usually holds his mobile phone.

    So the government lies and claims there is no increase in cancer, tumors caused by mobile phones. The reality is there is a significant increase in Glioblastomas which are very deadly.

    For the overall head, there has not been an increase in brain tumors since 2006 when the wireless was introduced. But in the three areas of the brain that get the most cell phone radiation which is your frontal lobe, temporal lobe in your cerebellum increase is significant which shows the study that was done by USC that was done 15 years before 2006.

    Mobile phones have a great neurological effect on the brain but the industry does not support this claim. That is why some people get headaches when they use their mobile phone. If they need to use the phone, they usually use speaker function.

    The big problem is that FCC regulates radiation but the FCC has nobody that is qualified to assess safety for us and they set up a standard that is too high and which is thermal. That means if it doesn”t heat you or burn you it does not affect our health.

    People who are sensitive to mobile phone radiation still have biological effect from the phones but at the same time, they do not necessary burn them or heat them. Does that mean that the phones are safe?

    People are getting all kind of side effects from phones, like neurological damage, cancer, tumors, psychological disorders, immune system problems, fertility is also affected.

    Basically, a mobile phone radiation affects all systems in our body.

    The situation is much scarier than that. Even if you”re not using a cell phone you also get affected. Currently the governments are putting up the 5G towers all over the country. The government does not need the permission to put a tower near our home.

    Currently, we are exposed to the radiation that is between 1 to 3 GHz. The 5G band is from 24 to 90 GHz. 90 GHz is 90 billion electromagnetic waves per second hitting your body and going through your cells every second. Our body has a certain frequency for example heart frequency, brain frequency is 8 to 10 Hz. Soon we are going to be exposed to this new harmful technology and will get blasted by 90 billion electromagnetic waves per second. This is billion of time more than it is natural.

    5G is being forced on us. We have no choice to decline the towers being built in front of our houses. 5G doesn”t travel very far because it”s very dense. That is why they need to put 5G towers close to our houses. The government will not ask us for the permission, they will just put them on streetlights, poles etc.

    This site offers good information how to protect yourself against EMF Radiation

    Bill Clinton passed a telecommunication act in 1996 which banned by law looking at health and safety when they placed cell towers. The government knew about health effects that the cell towers were causing that is why they protected themselves.

    It is time to stop the government.

    5G is high-frequency high-density wireless radiation that is being put in front of our houses.

    Bob Vaughan


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