• 24 MAR 18
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    Microwave News: Italian RF Study “Reinforces” U.S. NTP Finding

    From Louis Slesin, Microwave News

    Ramazzini”™s Belpoggi Calls for IARC To Reassess RF Cancer Risk

    Partial results of the Ramazzini Institute”™s RF”“animal study, which show a statistically significant increase in tumors in the hearts of male rats exposed to GSM radiation, were officially released today. They appear in Environmental Research, a peer-reviewed journal.

    As we reported last month, the Ramazzini finding of Schwann cell tumors ””called schwannomas”” in the rat hearts is consistent with a similar finding by the U.S. National Toxicology Program (NTP) in a $25 million RF project.

    In an interview with Microwave News, Fiorella Belpoggi, the senior author of the new paper and the director of the Ramazzini Institute”™s Research Center in Bologna, Italy, offered her views on the new results, the parallels with those of the NTP and the implications for IARC”™s designation of the cancer risk of RF radiation.

    Read the full interview here


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