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    What Changed at NTP?

    A ‘must read’ from Louis Slesin, Microwave News:

    What Changed at NTP?

    Same RF Cancer Data, Different Outlook

    February 7, 2018

    Why was the NTP so ambivalent about its cell phone cancer findings at the press conference last Friday when two years ago the same scientific evidence prompted a public health warning?

    Some of the pathology numbers got tweaked since they were first released in 2016, but the changes were minor. It”s the same data set “”but with a very different interpretation. The NTP mindset somehow shifted from we need to release this important new health data now to this is “not a high-risk situation.”

    Who or what moved the NTP managers to change their outlook? There”s no shortage of suspects and suspicions. Here are a few making the rounds:


    ¶ The Trump Administration ridicules scientific evidence that threatens big business. Whether the subject is global warming, chemical safety or radiation protection, bureaucrats are aware that they have to watch what they say if they want to keep their jobs.


    ¶ The military is also in the mix. It”s an even bigger force in RF science than the telecoms. All modern weapon systems use RF radiation in one way or another. The U.S. Air Force and Navy are likely more worried about the NTP linking RF to cancer than anyone else.

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