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    Optus to launch ‘faster’ 5G option to rival the NBN / Concerns over 5G at the Winter Olympics

    Note: It may come as a surprise to many Australians to find that Australia’s Optus is actually a 100% owned subsidiary of Singapore Telecommunications (SingTel) since 2001 (another 100% subsidiary of SingTel is Virgin Mobile Australia.

    Optus to launch “faster” 5G option to rival the NBN


    Optus is the first telco to announce a 5G product for next year, with experts claiming it will rival internet speeds delivered over the National Broadband Network (NBN). The telecommunications service provider announced on Friday it will roll out 5G “” fifth generation technology which builds on today”s 4G mobile network “” in early 2019. The new technology will provide higher peak internet speeds and lower latency (delays). Optus will launch a fixed wireless option, accessible in metropolitan areas, expected to achieve internet speeds about 15 times faster than 4.5G. Telstra told The New Daily it would also be offering 5G services in 2019, while Vodafone said it has been carrying out trials. During early 5G trials, Vodafone claimed 5G would support speeds equivalent to downloading an entire season of Game of Thrones in high definition in just 10 seconds.

    5G to rival the NBN

    Telecommunications analyst Paul Budde explained that fixed wireless meant the 5G service would be delivered to a fixed spot in the home, such as a modem, as distinct from a mobile service on a smartphone. He said he took Optus” announcement of a fixed wireless product as confirmation that 5G technology will be used to directly compete with the NBN. SNIP

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    Stop 5G launch at Winter Olympics in South Korea. Acute public health reactions likely

    By Nina Beety, www.smartmeterharm.org

    Sudden, acute, and dramatic health reactions could occur at the South Korean Olympic and Paralympic games this month and next.

    DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice. If you need medical advice or attention, seek out a physician.

    Korea Telecom together with Intel and Ericsson are rushing to launch one of the world”s first large-scale experiments with 5G “” 5th generation wireless technology “” at the Olympics. Special 5G-enabled tablets and mobile devices will be provided at the Olympics, using new beam-forming technologies, that focus radiation from cell tower to user”s device.[1] Intel and Ericsson both know the public health hazards, and likely, so does Korea Telecom, but the public is being kept in the dark. Over 200 scientists and physicians called for a halt to 5G last year, but they have been ignored.[2] Researchers and physicians warn about the very serious physical reactions, including acute, sudden onset health reactions, following radiofrequency radiation (RFR) exposure that include: skin reactions “” sunburn-like area; burning, itching, tingling, or painful sensations; bruises; skin breaks; bleeding or oozing dermatitis, migraines and headaches, stabbing pains, heart problems, such as rapid heart rate and arrthymia, fainting, disorientation or even functional amnesia, dizziness, insomnia and sleep disturbances, difficulty breathing, chest pressure, hearing clicking, ringing or buzzing noises (“microwave hearing” researched by Allen Frey in the 1960s), pain in ears or eyes, nosebleeds or bleeding from the ears, seizures, memory loss, concentration difficulties, mood disorders including unexplained depression, anxiety or panic attacks, agitation, even suicidal thoughts

    These reactions could occur upon first exposure, or after repeated exposures. Children may be most vulnerable to these reactions. SNIP

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