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    More on CES 2018: Most Absurd Technologies To Come

    From Futurism.com

    by Patrick Caughill on January 13, 2018

    CES: Consumer Excess Show

    Each year tech nerds from around the globe converge on Sin City for the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to get first looks at the near future of gizmos. Walking the floor of the expo, you”re surrounded by some truly incredible tech that will certainly enhance our lives. Conversely, you can also stumble onto some earnest tech that ranges from unnecessary to downright terrifying. Here”s a collection of some of the most absurd technologies from CES 2018.

    Robot Strippers

    CES isn”t just a straight-laced trade show. There are tons of corporate-sponsored parties and after-hours events that allow attendees to partake in some of the more leisure-focused offerings of Las Vegas. Most of these events entice party-goers with promises of access to big names in tech or with free food and drink. Others might go a little overboard with their PR stunts. This year, that honor (or shame) is bestowed upon Sapphire Gentlemen”s Club and their creepy Orwellian robot strippers.

    Unfortunately for everyone involved, these bots are less Pris and Zhora from Blade Runner and more like a scintillating pair of gyrating fax machines. The website of Sapphire Las Vegas invited patrons to “Come watch sparks fly as the Robo Twins shake their hardware and leave everyone wondering if those double Ds are real or made in “Silicone” Valley.” How charming. SNIP

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