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    ICNIRP ‘Jumps the Gun’: The Early Christmas Gift for Telecoms

    Published on the blog of Daruisz Leszczynski

    December 18, 2017


    On Dec. 7th, 2017, International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), has published a “Note on the Revision of the High-Frequency Portion of the ICNIRP 1998 EMF Guidelines“.

    Revision of the guidelines has been long awaited because the current guidelines are very old. As stated in ICNIRP“s note:

    “”current guidelines for the high-frequency (100 kHz “” 300 GHz) portion of the electromagnetic spectrum were published in 1998. Given the large body of relevant research that has been generated since those 1998 guidelines, ICNIRP is now revising the guidelines to incorporate this literature“”

    The ICNIRP“s Note ends with information that the draft of the revised guidelines will be open for public consultation because ICNIRP is keen to obtain feedback:

    “”ICNIRP is keen to obtain feedback on the upcoming high frequency guidelines, and will seek this feedback via a public consultation process. It is anticipated that the public consultation document will be completed mid-2018, with the associated public consultation period beginning thereafter“”

    This could sound very promising, ICNIRP opening guidelines for public consultation before finalization of the document, but the mid-part of the ICNIRP“s Note suggests that the optimism might be baseless.

    ICNIRP has already decided what the final guidelines will say [emphasis added DL]: SNIP

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