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    Wireless Industry Brochures Lead The Public To Misinterpret That Wireless is Safe

    From the Environmental Health Trust

    Wireless Industry Creates “Communication Materials” and Propaganda: When The Public Misinterprets It As Cell Phones and Wireless Being Safe, Industry Does Not Clarify


    Just as the Tobacco Industry created a “Playbook” to defend cigarettes and manufacture doubt about the health effects of cigarettes, the Wireless Industry seems to have a fine-tuned “Playbook” of advertising, public relations and industry-funded science to defend wireless products and falsely reassure the public that cell phones and wireless products are safe.

    Cell phones and wireless were never adequately tested for human health effects. Wireless devices were not premarket tested for long term safety. Research has accumulated indicating that wireless “radiofrequency” radiation has serious biological effects. Despite this reality, the wireless industry has and is currently heavily funding a public relations effort that propagates the myth that cell phones and wireless “are safe”. This webpage is an educational resource documenting materials used for the wireless industry “Playbook”.


    Key to this public relations effort are industry created resources, websites and materials that communicate the myth of no proof of harm from wireless products. These are all part of the Playbook to manufacture doubt that a problem exists. Examples of such propaganda range from glossy brochures, Questions and Answers on Hot Topics such as “children and cell phones”, websites on EMF (Electromagnetic Fields) and Health and research forums.

    These materials are paid for, designed and prepared by “non profit” organizations that are created by telecom and wireless companies pooling money together. When citizens raise concerns about a particular product or when research comes out indicating a health risk, companies can simply pull from these materials to respond as if there are no concerns.


    Many of these brochures cite industry-designed research studies as “proof” of no health risk. However, a deeper look at the science referred to on these brochures shows no proof of safety. For example, the WLAN and HEALTH” Brochure created by two wireless non profits (the Wi-Fi Alliance, and the Mobile Manufacturers Forum) features a 2007 research study that was funded by the same wireless organizations (the Wi-Fi Alliance, and the Mobile Manufacturers Forum) that created the brochure.

    If a reader looks into the industry funded cited research study, it is clearly not about health””it is merely a random survey of various hotel and tourist rooms in various countries (not any scientifically statistically valid sample) where wireless signals were measured at least one meter away from a computer in use. As expected, this study found compliance with international guidelines””guidelines that were created by industry three decades ago. The study did not measure the exposure to the person actually using the computer, or near a computer. Yet in this industry brochure this study is put forth as if it is documentation of safety.

    In other words, this industry-created brochure cites industry-created science that bases conclusions on industry-created regulations.

    EMFs and health is a complex issue for the general public. These brochures and industry-created factsheets and websites omit the body of research indicating electromagnetic fields have biological effects and omit the fact that adequate premarket testing was never done. This propaganda seems to seek to confuse the public and reassure that cell phones and wireless are safe.

    Please see examples of the industry “Playbook” public information materials from the past and present on this page.



    Some Examples of the Industry Playbook ……………….SNIP

    See the full article with video here


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