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    Excellent new website on 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT)

    Excerpt from the website:


    Industry and government are promoting 5G and the Internet of Things as the “next big thing” hoping these will generate enormous economic growth, a colossal amount of data, and unimagined benefits to society. 5G and the IoT are being foisted on us all in what can only be described as a mad rush. The Telecom industry, echoed by our government officials insist they are responding to public demand, although the vast majority of people have no idea what either 5G or the IoT are.

    This website provides the “rest of the story” “” the things about 5G and the IoT that industry and government neglected to consider “” the many and multifaceted downsides of the IoT. On this website, we take a hard look at 5G and the IoT “” free from industry and government bias and spin. We do not hide our viewpoint, nor do we present any of the supposed “benefits” of 5G and the IoT, as these are amply provided elsewhere. We believe that after looking into the downsides of 5G and the IoT, you may agree that the supposed benefits do not outweigh the harms.

    Whatis5g.info delineates 8 ways in which 5G and the IoT will adversely impact us all: Health, environment, cybersecurity, privacy, energy consumption, effects on our brains and humanity, e-waste and conflict minerals. There are other problems with 5G and the IoT such as workers” conditions, toxic materials and run-off, jobs replaced by artificial intelligence and robots, etc. These and more will be addressed in blog posts.

    In addition, there is a section for each of the following: SNIP

    Access the site here


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