• 18 MAY 17
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    Changemakers Tasmania: Disconnect from your devices

    Here’s a very positive campaign from a start up group here in Tasmania. If you are concerned over the increasing dependence on devices, especially by children, check out their website.



    Changemakers Tasmania

    The Changemakers Tasmania: Disconnect to reconnect

    We believe in the power of being present to promote positive change. That”™s why we have created Meet me Unplugged. Our grassroots campaign encourages people and organisations to disconnect from their devices and reconnect with themselves, each other, their communities and their environment.

    We use a vintage approach to disseminate our ideas, word of mouth is our channel of choice. So if you heard about us, the odds are someone you know and cares about you told you or send you an email.

    If you wish to join our campaign start by telling colleagues, friends and family when scheduling meetings: Meet me Unplugged. You wont regret it!

    To collaborate and volunteer with us get in contact with Marisol, or creative director. SNIP

    Read the full notice here


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