• 09 APR 17
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    The RSI and Overuse Injury Association of ACT raises device concerns

    From the Canberra Times, April 8 2017

    Emily Baker


    Increasing numbers of Canberra parents are reaching out for help with their child’s neck, back and arm pain as more schools implement “bring your own device” policies.

    The RSI and Overuse Injury Association of the ACT has raised concerns about how the use of iPads and laptops in classrooms could impact on mental and physical health.

    Association director Ann Thomson said more parents were getting in contact with the organisation for help addressing their teenagers’ injuries.

    “We’re concerned about the use of notebooks and iPads in schools because of the lack of adjustability and a separate keyboard and mouse, and also the fact that child is holding them with one hand while using them with the other, so that’s placing a lot of strain on the arms, neck and hands,” she said…..SNIP

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