• 29 MAR 17
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    Internet privacy to go under Trump

    Published in the Washington Post online

    The House just voted to wipe out the FCC”s landmark Internet privacy protections

    By Brian Fung March 28 at 5:58 PM

    The sharply partisan vote led by Republicans is a sweeping rebuke of Internet policies enacted under the Obama administration and marks a pivot toward allowing Internet providers to collect and sell their customers’ Web browsing history, location information, health data and other personal details. The measure now heads to the White House, where President Trump is expected to sign it.

    The vote also raises questions about the fate of other Obama-era technology rules, such as net neutrality, which bans Internet providers from discriminating against websites and was approved in 2015 over strident Republican objections.

    Read the full article here and see the video on how to protect your privacy


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