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    New paper: A curate’s egg: Queensland’s Guidelines for managing 50 Hz magnetic fields in office buildings

    The origin of the phrase a curate”s egg is from the cartoon True Humility, printed in the British
    satirical magazine Punch on 9th November 1895. The phrase is used to describe something which is partly good but which is ruined by its bad part, and, as a result, is now rather lost.

    Don Maisch PhD, John Podd PhD, and Bruce Rapley PhD
    November 15, 2016


    In 2013 the Queensland Government released its Guidelines for the Management of 50 Hz Magnetic Fields in Office Buildings Owned and Managed by the Queensland Department of Housing and Public Works. These guidelines are the current government policy for workers” exposure to 50 Hz mains power frequency magnetic fields in government offices.

    The guidelines present a valid methodology for the measurement of magnetic fields in office buildings and are very useful in that regard.

    However, the “target” level of 5 uT [5 microTesla or 50 milliGauss (mG)] as a supposedly reasonable, or acceptable level for a worker”s exposure is far from adequate and gives a disingenuous assurance of safety that is not justified in our considered opinion.
    Read the full paper here

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