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    America’s next president on 5G and the Internet of Things.

    I am assuming that the outcome of the current election circus will be a Clinton win – A Trump win is simply too scary to contemplate, unless you happen to be a simpleton that is. However, assuming Hillary gets in, here are some of her policies on 5G and the Internet of Things, etc.- Its even clearer now why Obama appointed industry lobbyist Tom Wheeler to head the FCC.

    From the Hillary Clinton website:

    Technology and innovation

    We can harness the power of technology and innovation to work for all Americans.

    Invest in world-class digital infrastructure by:

    Committing that 100 percent of households in America will have access to high- speed, affordable broadband by 2020

    Deploying 5G wireless and other next-generation systems that can deliver faster wireless connections and enable the Internet of Things

    Connecting public spaces like airports, mass transit systems, recreation centers,
    and career centers to high-speed internet so they can offer free wifi to the public

    Launching a model digital communities program that encourages communities to foster greater access to high-speed internet for their residents at affordable prices



    Deploy 5G Wireless and Next Generation Wireless Systems: America”ôs world-leading rollout of 4G wireless networks in the first half of this decade has been a success story for policy-makers, industry, and American consumers. The Obama Administration played a key role by repurposing spectrum and auctioning licenses, as well as by making new spectrum available for unlicensed technologies. Hillary will accelerate this progress and help foster the evolution to 5G, small cell solutions, and other next-generation systems that can deliver faster wireless connections. Widely deployed 5G networks, and new unlicensed and shared spectrum technologies, are essential platforms that will support the Internet of Things, smart factories, driverless cars, and much more””developments with enormous potential to create jobs and improve people”ôs lives.

    Hillary will:
    Reallocate and Repurpose Spectrum for Next Generation Uses: Hillary will enhance the efficient use of spectrum by accelerating the process of identifying underutilized bands, including ones now used by the federal government, that can become more valuable under revised regulatory regimes. She will focus on the full range of spectrum use policies””including new allocations for licensed mobile broadband, as well as unlicensed and shared spectrum approaches. She believes that creative uses of shared/non-exclusive uses of spectrum could unleash a new wave of innovation in wireless broadband technologies and the Internet of Things, much as WiFi did in the first generation of digital services.

    Foster a Civic Internet of Things through Public Investments: Hillary will dedicate federal research funding to test-bedding, field trials, and other public-private endeavors to speed the deployment of next generation wireless networks and a civic Internet of Things. Governments around the world are already investing billions of dollars in developing and commercializing 5G technologies, and Hillary wants American companies to lead the world in wireless innovation. Her investments will aim at using advanced wireless and data innovation to drive social priorities in a range of areas, such as public safety, health care, environmental management, traffic congestion, and social welfare services.


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