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    The Pentagon’s Mad Scientists Are Working on Mind Control

    From the War is Boring website

    The Pentagon”s Mad Scientists Are Working on Mind Control
    Let”s go inside DARPA”s secretive world


    The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has an incredible reputation for a group of super-scientists who create potentially world-ending weapons and technology.

    The Pentagon”s mad scientists helped create the Internet, GPS and stealth fighters. Now they”re working on self driving cars, artificial intelligence and brain-computer interfaces. If you”ve read about in a science-fiction novel, there”s a good chance DARPA it trying to do it.

    The powerful military organization operates behind a wall of secrecy and often the gulf between what it says it”s working on and what it”s actually working on is enormous. Today on War College, we sit down with author and journalist Annie Jacobsen to talk about her Pulitzer Prize-nominated book The Pentagon”s Brain.

    Jacobsen spent years researching DARPA, interviewing its scientists and digging through its histories. Not an easy task for an organization so intent on staying private. What she discovered is both exciting “ and terrifying.

    Hear the War College interview here


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