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    ‘Smart’ Meters Represent Industrial Profiteering and Government Sanctioned Surveillance, New Study Says

    From a new post on Smart Grid Awareness


    Posted on January 11, 2016 by SkyVision Solutions
    by K.T. Weaver, SkyVision Solutions

    Consumer Dataveillance by Smart MetersIn an article from December 31st, I wrote that “Smart” Meters Generate a “Gold Mine of Data” for Utilities and that they provide a “gateway” to the home.

    To better understand the full nature of this “data gold mining” and the motives behind it, I will highlight portions of a newly published paper, “The Neoliberal Politics of “Smart”: Electricity Consumption, Household Monitoring, and the Enterprise Form.” The authors are from Portland State University.

    As we have previously observed, utility smart meters expose the consumer and society to tremendous threats and risks. To those who objectively study the issues, it is almost incomprehensible at to why our government officials continue to allow utility smart meter deployments. The latest paper, published this past November, offers additional insight for the underlying reasons of why smart meter deployments persist in spite of the dangers.

    I highly recommend you read what follows or the actual published paper. It demonstrates how, in the interest of profit and the desires for governmental and corporate surveillance, we are increasingly subjected to intrusions far beyond that necessary to deliver the essential service of electricity. In my article, in quoting selected portions of the paper, I will occasionally include bold font to add emphasis.

    Corporate Encroachment on the Household and Everyday Life

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