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    NBN tower madness in Tasmania

    Just this morning I heard that NBNco is planning on erecting a 60 metre high transmission tower just 20 meters from the Appin Hall Children’s Foundation, a respite facility for children with serious illnesses in Erriba Tasmania. Please visit the change.org web site and sign the petition about this insane act of arrogance by NBNco. The trolls at NBNco should realise that taking on a children’s foundation caring for very ill children will result in very bad publicity.

    Quoting from the change.org website:

    Proposed Telecommunications Tower Installation near Appin Hall Children’s Foundation Respite Centre – Tasmania

    NBNCo Ltd are proposing to erect a 60 metre wifi tower at Erriba in Tasmania – directly next door to our children’s Respite Centre.

    19 years ago we moved to Erriba Tasmania to build a haven for the protection of children, to recover from serious illness, chemo treatment, trauma sexual abuse – and timeout from a system constantly on overload. These children are already compromised through ill health and should not be exposed to the potentially harmful effects and debilitating frequencies of electromagnetic radiation.

    We chose this rural location for its pristine beauty, natural habitat, pure water, rich topsoil and above all clean fresh air – all of which assist in the healing procedure these kids deserve.

    Even though the NBNCo community representative suggests there are no hazardous biological effects from these towers, I have undertaken my own extensive research and remain amazed that these corporate giants purport to such reports and social recommendation issued defiantly in the face of growing sickness and death as a result of cancer clusters and the like.

    We are not opposed to neighbours requesting wifi services in the modern world. Our request is that NBNCo move the proposed tower to an alternative site – to Crown land or a forestry allotment, and not to proceed with their proposal to install a 60 metre high device 20 metres from our land boundary. The negative visual impact is also unacceptable.

    If this proposal and tower installation were to proceed nearby, it would collapse our project, and that would be a significant and critical community situation indeed.

    The photo above is of the view looking across the valley from our respite centre, towards Mt Roland – it is beautiful, healing, calm and serene. Please help us to continue to provide respite to those most in need – the children.

    Thankyou – Ronnie and Maggie Burns, on behalf of the Appin Hall Children’s Foundation – Erriba Tasmania.

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